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Author Topic: The new kid on the block, a big woofy dog!!  (Read 726 times)

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The new kid on the block, a big woofy dog!!
« on: March 05, 2008, 10:28:59 AM »
It was early, well, I kind of think it early, about 4:30 A.M.  I was sitting on my front porch contemplating the sounds of the night, also contemplating the finishing of the turkey house.  Not much left to do except make them comfy now.

I am listening, as I always listen, all the time, I love to listen, be it people, birds, dogs, bees, you name it, I listen.  Not much of a talker, so I spend my life listening. Oh dear, get off the listening jargon....it's actually pretty quiet this time of the morning (that is why I get up early, to get some of that peace and quiet time before craziness breaks out at my house around 7:00).

Pretty quiet, except, boof, boof, boof, a deep boof, a very large dog by the sounds of it, and a mature dog, not any means a young voice.  The voice is coming from quite far away, to the southwest of where I am, if I were to stretch my arm towards the sound, it would be facing at the 1:00 direction.  Now, from my home up to the more main road is all properties with acreage of about 5 in number.  Along the main road heading westward there is a little corner store and a series of houses, on large lots.  It is exactly .6 km (0.0003728227153424 miles, how do you like that conversion?  hee, hee)to this main road, with about 7 homesteads to the north of me.  So it is a fair distance, how sound carries in those still moments of the late night.

The dog boofing comes from one of these houses.  There would be no other place for this dog to be.  This is a new dog on the block.  I know the dog sounds of my neighbours, each one has a very particular voice and he is not one that I have heard before.  So, in my mind's eye, I welcome this large dog, and my curiosity is got me going. The next time I am going to town, I will stop at the corner store and walk down the road a little tiny ways and see if I can see a new big dog in someone's yard, oh dear, I can be so nosey, that is because I listen so much and I have that right to sometimes act like Edith Cravetz, remember her?  Some of us older foggies will.

Where was I?  I get to a'ramblin' sometimes so much that I forget what I am saying, oops, hold on, gotta reread the post.....right.  I guess my tale was done, having a wonderful day comin' on, wishing the same for everyone else.  Beautiful life, love our lives.  Cindi
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