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Author Topic: Mead ( honey wine!)  (Read 5213 times)

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Re: Mead ( honey wine!)
« Reply #20 on: March 01, 2008, 06:34:59 PM »
Funny how life works sometimes.

Just bottled up a batch of Mead and a Zinfandel Blush.

Both were just over a year old.

I put 1/3 of the whine and mead in the same carboy for a pyment and then had 2/3 of the 5gal. batch of all three to bottle.

I also use CO2 a lot for filling air spaces and even when I fill bottles and right before put the corks in squirt some CO2 into the air gap. I mostly make beer and put it up in those stainless steel pop fountain cans (cornelius kegs sp?) so I just pressurize an empty one and put the dispensing tube on it and it is light to carry around doin' the squirtin'

So now I have a sample of the mead in one hand and a sample of the pyment in the other and enjoying the posts.

cheers ..... really !!!!!