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Author Topic: Before and after pictures of a wall gone wild and some walkways  (Read 884 times)

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Not even sure if this is the correct forum, but I'll give it a whirl.   I have been cleaning out one of our old horse box stalls to make it into my turkey house.  I was almost successful yesterday, but there was a few things I physically could not complete.  I am only so strong.  Some of the stuff took a man's touch, that be my good ol' Husband, who always comes to my rescue.  He was pretty shocked at what I had did on my own, and so was my Son-in-Law, who never ceases to be amazed by me.

The horses had kicked the sides of one of box stalls so badly that over the years the joists had actually separated from the stall, and we had put up some plywood for a quick fix.  The walls had bulged really badly and when my Husband saw this, he wouldn't let that go, and insisted that it must be fixed.  And that he did, yeah to that man!!  That love of my life.

He took down a big old sign that my oldest Daughter had used for her coffee shop when she had it.  It was a beautiful little coffee hut that was on a small corner lot in Surrey, a neighbouring town.  It will be hung somewhere else because we don't know what to do with it and it is such a beautiful sign that I could not bear to trash it.

My Sister is also a wonderful and beautiful builder and designer.  She is always building stuff around here and making our lives within the chickenyards better and cleaner, as do I.  We are up to cool stuff all the time and we are getting some pretty nice looking and clean areas for us and the birds.

She put down pallets between the barns, walkways, and it is almost clear walking from all the areas to other areas and then she put on stucco wire to make it so the pallets were not slippery, marvelous woman that she is, and she is another love of my life, among so many.

Just some pictures that I thought would be cool to share.  Have this beautiful day as yours, to do with as you will, beautiful life. Cindi

Looks pretty different eh?

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