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Author Topic: Road hockey rumble  (Read 809 times)

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Road hockey rumble
« on: February 09, 2008, 10:13:46 AM »
This is a little clip from the TV (small time) series that my youngest Brother is the film dude for (they also call him the director of production).  Last September they used our farm for the final show of their road trip.  Here they tortured the team captain that lost the road hockey rumble.  They were really mean to him (hee, hee,  :evil: :roll: ;) :)).  They put apples into a huge sling shot and shot apples at him for being the loser.  Poor dude!!!  I felt proud that my Brother wanted to shoot the scene at our home and bear this honour with pride.  The actual "rumble" was shot in the Zellers parking lot in our town, Maple Ridge.  We all went to watch that and it was the most beautiful feeling to watch my lil' Bro in action.  Running all over the place with the camera, catching all the wonderful shots that made this into a TV series.  I am a proud big Sis'

Meeting all the crew and having them chose our place to shoot this final part was also an honour.  They had other places in mind, but after seeing our property, chose it.

Thank goodness for having this site of you-tube, it is truly a great and wonderful work and a wonder.

Just letting you all into a little part of my life, I love to share.  Have the most beautiful and best day, on this earth we all share.  Cindi

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