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Author Topic: A brief bio.  (Read 1066 times)

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A brief bio.
« on: February 09, 2008, 11:44:36 AM »
At no time in my 40+ years in Africa did I manage bees; only seveal recollections of throwing myself to the ground as a swarm of African bees flew over the cricket field, or once jumping into the nearest  body of water to escape an approaching 'cloud.'

I began keeping bees in the US five years ago, now have a small apiary but best of all is an observation hive which is situated on the desk in my study, beside me as I work.

I am President of the local Beekeepers Assoc, as well as involved with the Pennsyllvania Beekeepers Assoc, and really committed to speaking and writing about the current bee crisis as well as attracting and mentoring nu-bees (15 last year.)  I also monitor an observation hive at a nearby public park and am building and furnishing an education center at a local popular orchard : I've been an educator all my life and old habits die hard.

I'm also an enthusiastic convert to Russian queens. I try to manage my hives sans chemicals and so far the Russians have yielded the best results, at least in this micro-climate.

Now I have to hpe and pray that this will turn up at the right place on the web site.  Haven't quite figured out yet how to find my way around.


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Re: A brief bio.
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2008, 11:59:33 AM »
Jeremy, excellent, you found the correct forum to tell us about yourself.  And your story was cool and interesting.  You have an educating career, how cool is that.  So nice to hear what you are up to, some good stuff for sure.  Thank you for sharing and taking us into your part of this world.

Now, the forums are pretty simple to get around in, and if you for some reason put a post into an incorrect forum, never mind, one of the Moderators will move it, that is honestly no big deal (hee, hee, don't let it intimidate you from making any new threads, hee hee,  ;) :)

I am looking forward (and we are all) to hearing more of your postings, tell us more, tell us more.  Have a great and wonderful day, love our life we live.  Cindi
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