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Author Topic: BEEMASTER ON NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO?  (Read 2244 times)

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« on: September 23, 2004, 05:55:00 PM »
Hi Everyone:

Update first... Doing Pretty good, I've had several injections of high dose anti-biotics, both interveniously and locally in my head (those were fun)  and additionals CT scans just yesterday, still a few weeks away from finding out if surgery will be needed.

But as of now the doctors are hopeful after viewing the latest CT Scans. Seems that I may be able to get a SUB TOPICAL bone strengthening substance injected under the skin that will seap into my skull to strengthen my bone structure - it is a "Breathable" chemical treatment that will allow the the air spaces in my bones to function properly YET structurally assist my weaken bones from further decay from the infection I have had for OBVIOUSLY quite awhile. WHAT A HORROR STORY THIS MUST SOUND LIKE.

There were really no apparent symtoms that would have triggered me to think anything was wrong UNTIL actual advanced mastoiditis (and related damage) had occured, so I didn't miss anything which I guess is sad but at least I acted ASAP once symptoms showed up. I'll keep you all posted, but for now I'm in cruise mode.

Thank all of you who have sent cards and letters. I really like hearing from the members in the forum and please don't feel the need to spend a fortune on cards for me (although they are all wonderful and I'm adding them to my collection of Beemaster's Beekeeping Memorabilia - it's my own little museum in a file cabinette) but a simple "Howdy" on a post card or on a sheet of paper is every bit appriciated and ALWAYS feel free to just say hi in the forum :) I feel truly blessed to be in your thoughts and prayers - that is something very special and precious to me that I cannot express better than to say, I am Blessed to know you all.

I Just received the following email, thought I'd share this with everyone. Beekeeping has opened up many opertunities for me over the years, it goes to show that interesting things CAN happen to ordinary people:

Hello John the Beemaster,

I'm an independent radio producer writing to you under the auspices of a show called Radio Lab, produced here in New York City at WNYC [a National Public Radio member station]. Every show we do has a topic, and we're working an episode called "Swarming" right now. I found your wonderful description of bee swarms on your website and wonder if you'd be willing to be interviewed for our show.

First, I'd like to speak with you on the phone if you can spare the time. Then, if everything works out ok, I'd love to visit you to do an interview and hopefully get a tour of some of your hives. If we could actually record the sounds of your bees swarming, that would be great! i understand this might not be possible or even a predictable event. But I thought I'd ask anyway.

Both of my phone numbers are below, and you can always reach me by email. I will be away this weekend, so if i don't respond right away to a phone call or email, that's why.

If you aren't able to help us with this show, maybe you could recommend another beekeeper to us?
In any case, I hope this request finds you well.  

Thanks in advance for your consideration


Now... I only have 2 hives, not a GROVE of beehives, I do though have a few people in mind (within the locality restraints of the NY Station) who I do know could possibly help out. I would LOVE to do the INTERVIEW PART, but my humble beeyard wouldn't impress anyone - lol.

 I know that many people just aren't comfortable in front of a mic or even over the phone. I'm not one of those - lol, so I'll be writing the producer back, informing her that catching a swarm in flight to RECORD the sound would be VERY UNLIKELY in almost any beeyard WITHOUT a trendous amount of planning, but I'll GLADLY invite her to interview me for the show and hopefully do justice to "Swarming in the beeyard"

JOKINGLY, I can see ROBO cringing right about now :shock: but I'll do my best. If anyone here thinks they CAN arrange a swarm that can be RECORDED for RADIO (or if you have a tape of a swarm already) PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP.

But for now, I'll write back and let her know that I'll help as much as possible and honestly, I'm excited at the opertunity to be on NPR which I have always enjoyed. Radio has always been a special media for me, classic radio shows which I listen to every day at www.rusc.com and AM talk radio, as well as decades as a ham operator has given me great respect for radio as a means to paint a photo in the listener's minds.

I'd love to become part of that history in a way that people from all over the world can get a chance to imagine the things I'm explaining about how wonderous a feeling it is to experience a massive swarm as it takes flight and fills the air.

Thanks again all - it's always fun to have project offers like these come. The Beekeeping for Dummies was a once in a life time project, and I've done many other interesting photo and writing projects. Working with NPR though would be really cool though. Talk again soon all :) Have a great Fall and prepare your bees for what I think may be ANOTHER brutal Winter.

PLEASE SHARE any interesting SWARM STORIES that you have or share any thoughts about swarming that you would like people who know NOTHING ABOUT SWARMS to better understand. I'll gladly collect your ideas and if the interview does happen, I'll do my best to fit everyone's thoughts with NPR. Thanks.
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« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2004, 09:17:32 PM »
Just show them the pic of you holding the swarm and smiling!
I know that they will have fun talking to you (personal experience speaking there). I think that your beeyard will be perfect for them as they have a urban audiance so a great big commercial beeyard might be out of most of their listeners scope. What a great chance to expose more people to beekeeping who never thought they had the room!

Of course you plan to post the complete interview somewhere where we can all get a listen, I hope.
Glad to hear you are having positive results with your infection, Thinking about  you whenever I look at my hive.
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« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2004, 10:33:15 PM »
Hi Beemaster,

I hope you get well soon.
Regarding your post about a swarm, I did happen to capture on tape a swarm as it was entering a tree. I filmed the scouts earlier in the day and thought there were enough bees going in and out that the full swarm was already in the tree. Later in the day I walked out the front door of the house (over 300 feet from the bee tree) and could hear a loud hum coming from the vicinity of the tree, and sure enough there was a cloud of a swarm around the tree. I quickly ran for the camera and was able to get some footage. If you are interested, let me know and I'll see about getting the footage to you.



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« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2004, 10:09:55 AM »
John I have a couple of swarm capture stories posted on this site with pictures.
Get Well soon as winter is on it's way and you will want to spend more time here with all the good people who have assembled over the past few months.

 :D Al


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« Reply #4 on: September 25, 2004, 11:52:09 AM »
John, that's great news about your treatment regime. Hopefully it will work out even better then the doctors plan it to.

That's also great news about the radio show. By the way you post on the forum I have no doubt that you will be a great representative of all us beekeepers out there. If it goes well maybe you could have your own show and invite some of as guests. I've always wanted to get my 15 minutes fo fame somehow.