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Author Topic: Finally -- A College Revolution to Cheer About!  (Read 1224 times)

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Finally -- A College Revolution to Cheer About!
« on: September 21, 2004, 08:41:12 AM »
Finally -- A College Revolution to Cheer About!
September 2004
There’s a quiet, but sweet revolution taking place across American college campuses as thousands of college students are discovering the great taste of honey.

Long used by athletes to fuel performance, honey is now finding its way into off-campus kitchen pantries, fraternity and sorority BBQ’s, college snack bars and coffee shops. What’s going on here?

There is a growing body of market research showing the 18 to 24 year old college demographic is demanding healthier food selections in their on-campus dining venues and in their off-campus residences. We are seeing higher consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, smoothies, natural and organic foods. While many college students are diet conscious (as is the American populace in general), students are also highly cognizant of what they are ingesting, not simply how something tastes. They don’t want empty calories or a bunch of ingredients that read like their chemistry texts!

Indeed, honey is the ideal sweetener for the health-conscious college student. Minimally processed and naturally sweeter than other sweeteners, honey can be used in dozens of recipes and is economical per serving.

Honey is also produced in every State in the nation and is available in many different varieties, based on more than 300 identified floral sources. It can be readily found in supermarkets, farmers markets, specialty food stores and county fairs.

However, we are also aware that college students are hard pressed for time. Despite what some parents may think, campus life is far from one big party! Though many college students possess excellent culinary skills, they rarely have the time to prepare elaborate meals.

Honey to the Rescue!
Honey is one of the most ancient of all ingredients known to humankind and yet it is perfect for a modern day student simultaneously attempting to cook, IM friends, researching a paper and ordering from an on-line catalog, all while sitting in an impossible yoga posture while listening to tunes on a digital music player!

For these beleaguered souls, the future leaders of the world, the National Honey Board has teamed with Rozanne Gold, creator of the nationally read “Cooking 1-2-3” series of cookbooks to develop some fantastic and very quick and nutritious recipes. The recipes we present use only three ingredients plus honey! These dishes are just about guaranteed to make the most fearful college-age chef turn into the genius of the kitchen!

We also asked Rozanne to recommend the top ten cooking ingredients every college student should have to turn their kitchens into gourmet cooking clubs. Come to think of it, the list might be a good idea for all of us to tape to our refrigerators…along with her great recipes. Click the button below for a preview of these dynamic recipes!

"Lurch my good man,…what did you mean when you said just now that 'You've got better things to do than run my petty little errands'…….?"