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Author Topic: double screen split feeding ?  (Read 824 times)

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double screen split feeding ?
« on: January 21, 2008, 09:52:47 PM »
Mated queen should arrive early March. I intend to split with a double screen with a setup like in this pic.
That is not the stand I use :)

1. If I use a mason jar on the top migratory lid how should I feed the bottom deep ?
    I am thinking about making a shim for above the bottom deep with a opening only large enough to mount a external boardman  feeder that would only be accessible to the bees from inside.
2. I am using deeps, but I still have a medium super full of honey available to help feed. Would med frames of capped honey help feed top or bottom while I continue to feed syrup to stimulate ?
3. What should I look for to know that they are ready to separate and move the top deep to become a new hive ?


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Re: double screen split feeding ?
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2008, 10:19:23 PM »
There are many ways to feed a hive and many don't block the top:


Bottom board feeders would cost nothing and could be refilled without disassembling.  Frame feeders are easy to find but you'd have to set the top box off to refill.

And you may not need to feed them at all if there's a flow.
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