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Author Topic: Muscovey ducks in clean water  (Read 924 times)

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Muscovey ducks in clean water
« on: January 21, 2008, 10:24:08 AM »
Yes, those Muscovey ducks (and drakes) love to be clean.  I would hope so, they are so white, and we live in such muck.  I give them fresh water every day in their big pails, they have fresh water in there waterers too, but man do they love the pails.  I cannot figure out how they can fit in these pails, but they dive in, stand on the edges and just wash and wash.

The Khaki Campbells love to be clean too.  The moment they are released from the night time home in the morning, the first thing that these girls do is race to the water and dive in.  (Oh brother, my Daughters female pittbull Kobi, just came over for her Grandma fix.  She has a dog rawhide bone in her mouth and is showing it off to me by jumping up on the couch beside me and trying to put it in my face, it makes it kind of hard to type because I am snickering, that squeeky little laugh, and that makes her try to show me her bone even harder, those dang dogs!!!!).  Right, where was I?    Right, the Khakis.  They are the coolest of the ducks, quite shy, but still I love them and the sweet noises that they make.  (They just started to lay eggs yesterday, both of them at the same time, the eggs are about the size of a small chicken egg, bigger than a banty, but I can't wait to try one, wonder if they will increase in size, they are about 1/2 the size of the Muscovey eggs).

Oh rats, now I have really lost my train of thought, guess I better get these pictures posted or I will forget about them too, hee, hee.  Enjoy, and have a wonderful and great day.  Cindi

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