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Sean Kelly:
Hey guys!

Well my local bee farm where I normally buy my packaged bees just tacked on a $35 non-refundable deposit.  They're also a little pricy ($80 per package) but I like to support small local businesses and the people there are really great.  But $230 for two packages this year is a little out of my range and seems pretty crazy.

I'm thinking I better start looking elsewhere for packages.  I do not want to mail order, so does anyone know of anyplace that sells packages at a reasonable price within a 50 mile range of Tacoma Washington?  If not I might have to split my current hives a BUNCH.   :-\

Thanks again,

Sean Kelly

Sean, those prices are through the roof! I wouldn't bite. Definitely shop around and/or do some splits.

Sincerely, JP

2x80=160. still pricey but i think they apply your non-refundable deposit toward your purchase.

Sean, I would hold tight on that thought.  I think that you should give Brian Bray a PM, he lives in Washington, he probably is not that far from you actually.  I know we have spoken about how close you, me and him actually do live, yet so far apart.  That price seems right off the wall to me, but then maybe I am forgetting how much they really did go for last year.  Sometimes we do this as humans, you know, that forget thing, hee, hee.  Have a wonderful day, but do talk to Brian.  Cindi

Sean Kelly:
Yeah, I checked some places online and can get stuff mailed to me with shipping cheaper than they offer for pickup at their old prices (before this new non-refundable deposit).  For the price of two packages at my current supplyer I could get three for the same price elsewhere.

I need to give Stedman Bee Supply in Silverdale, WA a call and see what they charge.  Silverdale is a long drive, but better than going down to Oregon or up to Snohomish.

Randy, the deposit is in addition to the price of the package:  (2X35)+(2X80)=230

Cindi, Brian lives 123 miles from me and he lives 94 miles from you.  So he's about halfway between us.  :-)  I know there are a few bee shops up in his area, but I'd still be better off going down to Oregon since we could still visit our inlaws while down there.

I've been procrastinating, but I think now is the time to finally join a local bee club.  Either that or keep splitting the hives I have now.  But that might be a little difficult since I just ordered 5 more hives!  Plus I like to let the splits raise their own queens but I'd also like to have some genetic diversity.

Anyone know of any package supplyers yet in the Seattle-Tacoma area????  Anyone???  Anyone???

Hopelessly lost,

Sean Kelly


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