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Author Topic: Noises in the coop  (Read 1022 times)

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Noises in the coop
« on: December 23, 2007, 10:39:01 AM »
The other day (that seems to be an expression I use alot, hee hee) I was outside near the chickens' pens.  I had cleaned out both the chicken barns and had put some nice new hemlock shavings in.  The critters absolutely love it when they get fresh, clean homes.

I was outside filling up water containers and I thought for surely that there was one dilly of a fight going on in the "old" chicken coop.  This is the original chicken coop of the yard.  It is a good size, fits a fair number of chickens and is horrible to clean out because we didn't make it tall enough to fully stand up in.  I am vertically challenged, so I have taken on this chore, I am about 4 inches shorter than my Sister (I top out at about 5'2"), so it is easier for me to do it.  Oh brother, oh well.

So I thought that I had better go over and see what is going on in the house.  I put my head in their door and (we have a light on to mimic longer daylight hours) could see several chickens having the time of their life in this new sawdust.  If I didn't know better, it looked to me like how they dust bathe in the soil on those warm summer days, shavings were flying everywhere.  It was these girls, what a bunch of thumping and bumping.  When I had my head stuck in their doorway, they were all looking at me like I was out of my mind, they were really gawking at me.  This happiness in the house has encouraged me to clean out their homes even more frequently.

I don't know how often they should be cleaned, but it appears to me that once a week is not enough.  So, for the amount of time it takes to clean out the "old" chicken coop, I have been cleaning it every 3 days, this is better for me and for the birds, without a doubt in my mind.  With wintertime, they spend so much time inside that they deserve to have a really nice clean house.  Yea!!!  Good for the waist too, I seem to get a little fatter around there in the winter.  Of course, it couldn't be because of the heafty meals we eat eh?  Like the meat and mashed potatoes and gravies,  :evil: :-D :roll: huh!!!!!  Beautiful day, greatest day, Cindi

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