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Author Topic: Snow and your car  (Read 880 times)

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Snow and your car
« on: December 21, 2007, 04:07:16 AM »
This note is for those of us who don't live in the snow and don't normally have to scrap snow off our cars.

If it has been snowing with any decency your car if outside is very likely to get covered in snow.
Here is some helpful advice.

1. Find your car.
When you go out to the parking lot. If your car has been out there for a while you car will look like almost all other cars. A white hill. If you are uncertain as to which hill is your car remove snow from the area you believe to be the license plane. The reason for this if assume wrong you will spend twenty minuets uncovering someone elses car. This will lead to frustration.

2. Remove snow from the car. The whole car.
You could just remove it from your windshield and scrap it toward the hood. This would be bad as the pile of snow on your hood will block your vision. This will lead to frustration. As you will have to get out of the warm car after you realize what you have done.

You need to remove snow from the tail lights as no one can see you brake if you don't and a snowplow will hit you. This can lead to frustration.

Remove snow from the headlights or you will not see more than six inches in front of your face  during the snowfall at night. You will hit the snowplow this will lead to frustration.

Remove snow from the side windows and the side view mirrors. This way you can see the yahoos who like to test their four wheel drive. They are just plain frustraing no matter what.

If you have not removed snow from the side windows do not open the windows. Gravity will win and you will have snow in the car which will melt on your pants.  Wet pants == frustration.

Remove the snow from the top of the car. Once you hit about 40 mph or more. That snow on your top will come off in one big chunk and hit the car behind you. This will cause the other driver to be frustrated.

3. Mother nature has a since of humor. If snows and warms slightly and cools back down you get ice under the snow. The ice runs right for the door handles and turns them into blocks of ice. Don't rush to put you hand there to open the door or you will jam your fingers and need a finger splint. Your friends will laugh at you.

4. When the snow is falling and the roads haven't been paved. Everyone drives in what they think is the middle of the road and plays chicken with oncoming traffic until the last possible second. No one can see the road lines so everyone makes their best guess and if you guess wrong you hit a curb go airbourne and roll over and over in the snow.  A damaged car is frustrating.

5. Parking lots. Unless there is an empty space between two existing vehicles. Your guess is as good as anyone elses. Watch out for the candy striped antennas coming out of the snow. That means there is a fire hydrant there. Hitting one of those in cold weather is a bad thing and your car will be damaged and covered in ice.

6. If you are on a down hill incline and the roads are icy. Brakes are not going to help you.
look for one of those little white hills you saw in step one. Sure you will hit another car but at least you will stop.

7. Special note. Yes, the snowplow is aiming at you with the salt it is throwing down. That is why you have lots of little dings and paint flecks coming off your car.

In order avoid these situations move to South Florida and learn to water ski.  :)


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Re: Snow and your car
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2007, 09:26:59 AM »
What a wimp!!!

If you can't drive seeing only through the hand-sized hole in the window, stay off the road!!! No wonder all the old folks go to florida...they can't scrape ice and snow anymore!

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Re: Snow and your car
« Reply #2 on: December 21, 2007, 10:43:31 AM »
Brendhan, thanks for the funnnneeeee!!!!  I bet alot of our forum friends can relate to this, hee, hee,  :shock: ;) :)  Gotta love it, have a wonderful and greatest of days.  Cindi
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