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Author Topic: THE GREATEST SURPRIZE GIFT from MANY of YOU!!!  (Read 1726 times)

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« on: September 10, 2004, 12:35:59 AM »
Hi Everyone......

It is Thursday night here and I just saw Big Rog off to bed and I sat down to open the GREATEST GIFT I have ever been given. An envelope STUFFED with over a dozen get well and thank you letters from so many friends in the forum here. You all know who you are and I want to say that I was "TOTALLY SUPRIZED" by this wonderfully kind gesture on all of your parts.

I will keep these cards forever and soon I will take a photo of them and post it for everyone to see. Getting envelopes from as far as Malaysia was boggling to my mind and I am speachless - thank you all from wherever you mailed these great cards of prayer and comfort. You all know I believe in the power of prayer and positive thinking and each of you have helped me more than any of us could ever imagine.


About Rog's stay. He was just arriving when I got home from work and I met him just as he approached the bus door. I tooted my horn and we shook hands. Rog truly is a big guy with a whopping 2 inch head clearance in the bus, but he was extremely blown away at the accomodations and we bought a couple pizzas for dinner and talked all night until almost 11pm.

I took Rog for a quicky tour of Navy Lakehurst, where he stood EXACTLY where the gondola of the Hindenburg came to rest on its 13th voyage on May 6th, 1937, also to the powerplant where I work and the simulated aircraft launch facility (at the test area) at the base, where jets are launched and launch valves from carriers around the globe are flown to for servicing and retrofitting. He loved the big boilers, was in awe of the steam we generate for catapult launch and testing and he stood atop an aircraft carrier flight deck, finally we road around beautiful Lake Horicon, better known as Lakehurst Lake - one of the most scenics in all the county.


Tomorrow morning we pack up the C3 hive by screwing 1.5 inch wood screws thru 1"x4"s connecting the bottom board to the two supers on all 4 sides. Then placing wire mess screening under the innercover and bending the wire to fit tight along the flat virtical edges of the top super and screwing 1"x4" strips all the way around the screen to secure it in place and then remove the inner cover for full ventilation.

Finally cutting a wood piece large enough to fit the entrance of the hive and screw it into place. This leaves full top ventilation across all the top 10 frames, perfectly sealed in and no way for the wood supers to shift. Rog is also going to attach strapping as a secondary measure SINCE he is carrying the hive in the FRONT SEAT next to him all the way back to VA.


So that's what is new guys. It was a great day and hopefully you will hear from Big Rog about his adventure, but from my prospective, I totally loved the visit, but I was heartfelt by the out pouring of wondeful cards and messages from so many of you. I feel truly blessed and I'm honored to have such good friends!!!!!!

Talk again soon all (((((((( hugs and thank youz ))))))))))))))))))
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« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2004, 12:46:49 AM »
Howdy John,
              You really should'nt be surpirized if you think of the gifts you have given all of us in the past----time to look forward and wish you nothing less the the best in everything,an admirer

                                                                 latebee :)
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