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Author Topic: The Christmas Revels  (Read 730 times)

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The Christmas Revels
« on: December 17, 2007, 08:29:01 PM »
My mother started a tradition some years ago of going into Cambridge to the Sanders Theatre to see the Christmas Revels.  It's a really nice take, especially since it's also in celebration of the Winter Solstice.  They incorporate Christmas traditions along with the traditions associated with Yule and the Winter Solstice celebrations, a new theme each year.  This year it was the Balkans, and I immediately thought of my fellow Beemaster forum dwellers, especially Mici, when they did a retelling of a Slovenian folk tale, 'The Twelve Months', or Strawberries in Winter.  There were other stories from Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, all over the Balkans, traditional songs and dances, traditional instruments and dress.  Then there are the standard Revel features, like the singing of The Lord of the Dance just before intermission, where the Revel players march out into the atrium singing and any audience members who want to can join them - they form a serpentine line that swirls through the atrium, You can watch from the galleries, they're all marching together and singing - it's wonderful!  Kids enjoy it, too.  The night was miserable, we had to walk quite a distance to the theatre through snow and slush, but it was worth it!

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