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I think i have some fermented honey. how do i tell if my honey is starting to go bad. is there any pics to compare? the honey i have is kind of cloudy. it taste fine to me but others say it smells funny and taste different. any help out there?

Michael Bush:
Fermented honey tastes fermented.  Like alcohol and yeast.  Cloudy is usually just a sign that it's crystalizing.

Ditto on the last post.  Any bubbles/bubbling?
Do the other people say it tasted different than your clear honey, or just different from the honey they are used to?  If they are used to store honey, then your wildflower honey will probably taste/smell much different, especially if you pulled it off in the fall and have goldenrod or aster or perhaps buckwheat in there.

I also notice, that when my honey gets totally crystallized (as in solid) that the flavor seems to be stronger, not bad, but just more concentrated.


If it is starting to ferment, it doesnt mean it is going bad. 

Just add more water and a known yeast culture.  Leave the lid a bit loose and drink up on New Years.


how come companies (http://www.reallyrawhoney.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=RRH&Category_Code=FRRH) sell fermented honey?
from site:
(Some people believe that it is more effective for digestion than honey that is not fermented, but we have not seen any documentation to either prove or disprove this theory.

During the fermentation process the honey can get bubbly and even overspill out of the jar, so keep that in mind when storing. )

what's with this?  People buy this?


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