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Author Topic: Do you have Bee dreams? - OT  (Read 1694 times)

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Do you have Bee dreams? - OT
« on: August 29, 2004, 06:44:58 PM »
Do you have dreams about bees?    I've had a couple in the last few weeks, mostly having to deal with swarms.    

The one a few weeks ago, I was collecting swarms around  the house I grew up in.  Everywhere I turned, I would find a swarm, with a marked queen.  I remeber being exciting that each swarm had a marked queen.  I had to keep geting hive boxes to collect the swarms.  They were in very strange places.  On the side of the house, in the gutters, on a pail inside a garage.

Last night I had a dream I was collecting honey from my hives and my hives were inside this old structure, again near where I grew up.

Photo Credit:  

I have never been inside this powder house, but apparently in my dream, my hives were.http://www.ci.somerville.ma.us


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Do you have Bee dreams? - OT
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2004, 11:09:01 PM »
I haven't had any dreams about them this year, but last summer I dreamed that there were two hives in my bedroom and if I didn't wake up immediately they were going to sting the *^#* out of me. However if I did wake up and get out of bed they were going to sting the &%*# out of me.

Actually I guess it was more of a nightmare than a dream. Happened about a dozen times last summer.