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Author Topic: Waning crescent -- 23% of full moon  (Read 764 times)

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Waning crescent -- 23% of full moon
« on: December 04, 2007, 08:48:33 AM »
Our weather has warmed up so much, we are experiencing what the weather man calls the "pineapple express".  The temperature currently this early morning is 10 C (50 F).  We have gone from below zero a couple of days ago, about 10 inches of snowfall in a one day period, rain all day yesterday and by dinnertime yesterday the snow was completely gone.

I was standing outside many times yesterday, last night and this morning.  There is a wind, this wind is warm.  It is truly amazing and I love it when we experience this type of warm southerly winds.  The winds come from Hawaii, they blow up the Pacific Ocean and and blow across our land, warming the air, making it feel like the warm days of spring.  This is type of weather changes that we can have.

Generally here in our wintertime it is rainy, we get these bursts of the cold weather, but that is not our usual stuff.  Wintertime around here generally sits around the 40-45 degree (F) mark, that I would say is about average.

Not too long now until the winter solstace, and then, the days begin to get longer again.  I love this time of year after the solstace, and I love it even more the middle of January, when there is a very noticeable length of daylight, spring is coming, it always does, year after year.  Have a wonderful and beautiful day, we have a wonderful life.  Cindi
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