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Author Topic: Waning Crescent -- 31% of full  (Read 799 times)

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Waning Crescent -- 31% of full
« on: December 03, 2007, 09:03:24 AM »
The temperature is about +2 C (35 F).  Eeks!!!!!  It snowed all day yesterday until about 3:00, the snowflakes sometimes so tiny and then bigger and bigger and bigger.  About 6 more inches of snow fell, and then it turned to rain.  It has been raining hard all night, and it is some ugly out there.  There is frozen ground below the snow.  My Husband went out to start my Daughter's coffee truck about 4:00 A.M. and said that it is really really slick.  He wants to come with me when I let out the chickens, it is dangerous.  I am loved, I am a lucky woman.

The weather forecast for the Fraser Valley is being called as icey rain.  Nope, not here, rain.  Most of the snow I can see has melted, now that is alot of wetness, we had about 10 inches totalled, and that makes for mush (not like porridge), but mushy, sloppy goop.  Eeeks!!! 

Oh well, the water lines to the chickens will thaw and I won't have to pack those huge heavy 5 gallon jugs.

Rob, we got the dog waterers like you have for your bees for our chickens and they are simply wonderful.  I fashioned a piece of plastic to partially cover the one that the ducks and the new chickens share.  The ducks love to play in the water so much that they were making quite the muck mess in the chicken's house, can't have that.  That is far too annoying.  Beautiful day, great life, enjoy this great life we live.  Cindi
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