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Author Topic: Kids -- snow, hot tub and pool and the chicken hill  (Read 1008 times)

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Kids -- snow, hot tub and pool and the chicken hill
« on: December 02, 2007, 10:30:21 AM »
Wow, so we get snow sometimes during the wintertime.  This year I think it is going to be a doozie.  It is cold.  We are in a climate that is mostly rain, temperate and very mild.   When it snows, look out, the kids come out in full force.

They play in the snow, they pull their sleds everywhere, slide down the driveway, get pulled by our quad out the back and last, they climb the chicken hilll.  They brave the thought of going into this place where the big white rooster and the red rooster watches over all.  The chicken hill was originally made when we cleared the property for my Son-in-Law to jump his quad.  The chickens took over, and now it is their territory.  The roosters love to stand on this hill, watching over their girls, seeing everything that they can't from the ground below.  It is a beautiful hill.  It is beautiful in the spring when the grasses begin to grow and the chickens keep the grass preened to such a short level, it looks like a hill of velvet.  It is beautiful, and then the grasses and clovers grow, and it then becomes a hill that all chickens love to go and sun bathe in, my poor Son-in-Law will never get to use this hill for his jump that he thought he could make it to the skies above with.  The picture is taken from the front porch of my house, it is a fair ways to the chickens from the house.

The kids once they are done with their playing in the snow, after having a nice warm cup of hot cocoa that is made for them by my Grandson's Mother, climb into the hot tub to finish the warming up.  Oh no!!!!  Someone has put a dare to go and jump in the frigid pool.  So off they all go, running for their lives.  They jump into the pool, you can hear the screams (that is bringing that smile to my face that I always talk about, ooops, now I have a little bit of a chuckle going on, thank goodness my Husband has gone back to bed, he wonders about me when I am typing or reading and I begin that funny little laugh). 

The boys all run back to the hot tub, the dare is over.  They are warm again.  Oh no!!!  Not again, off they all go, back down to the frigid, freezing water, back into the hot tub.  I see three of them get out and roll in the snow...are they nuts?  Yep, gotta be.

In the picture you will see all the boys, my two Grandsons and the other with lighter light coloured skin one is one of my four Foster boys.  The other three dark haired young men are my three Nephews.  The other dark haired fellow is my oldest Grandson's friend.  They are the light of my life.  I am a lucky woman to be sharing my life with so many fine young men, (and there are 5 more young men to boot that aren't in the picture, and only two girls, oh dear, oh dear!!!) -- what more could I ask for?  It is a place of love and peace.  Thinking of how much I love them all puts that lump in my throat.  Oh brother, you know me, digressing, off topic, and ramblin'.

Enjoy these pictures, have a wonderful and beautiful day, on our great planet, Earth.  Cindi

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Re: Kids -- snow, hot tub and pool and the chicken hill
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2007, 11:35:39 AM »
I'm envious in a sense in that I would love to have a winter with three consistntly cold weeks. But, I am off to do a removal and place them in a nuc. We are forecast to have a record winter high day of 80 degrees F!!!
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