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Author Topic: 98% of full -- Waning Gibbous  (Read 835 times)

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98% of full -- Waning Gibbous
« on: November 25, 2007, 09:28:44 AM »
OK, so the full moon is past, there are some clouds, I can still see the moon in the western low sky.  It is still cold. I bought an outside thermometer so I can compare the weather station 20 minutes away from me and my temperatures here.

My temperature is -2 C, the weather station says +2C.  So, I always thought it was indeed colder in my little space in this world.  4 degrees is a substantial amount.  We always get more cold, when it snows, ours lasts longer, and we get more, plain and simple, been seein' this for 17 years.  It is the ravine I am positive that borders the front half of my property.  It is deep, has a small creek that runs through it and has a very flat area at the bottom, where the kids love to play.  It is a very cool place, probably quite deep, I could only venture maybe 20 feet below the level of my property.  In this ravine grows skunk cabbage and all kinds of marshy plants.  The kids keep this ravine pretty much clear of trees by playing there, so it is a haven of coolness in the summertime, a place on this earth where it seems time has stood still.

The top of the ravine is bordered by tall coniferous trees, along with the myriad of Elderberry, salmonberry, ferns and the like grow rampant.  It is a place of beauty and fun.  The kids dig the waterway in one spot and have alot of fun making little islands and dams and diverting the stream.  They know it is a stream that must flow, so they do not block it. 

Before we brought our property here, the previous owner (whom I know well) had had 7 children.  The land of children.  His children when they were young had had their uncles help them to actually build a cement dam to flood this ravine area for hockey playing.  I think that is why is is so devoid of heavy growing foliage trees and the like.  That would have been some time in the 1960s and 70s.  In those days, we had a much colder climate, not warm as it is now.  I recall as a child we would have snow that lasted for a long time in winter, and the weather would be very cold for wintertime.

Back to the ravine.  There is still a remanent of this old cement dam that has long gone by the wayside, I have taken the children down through a little memory in time and shown them the old pieces of cement.  There must have been alot of work done by the uncles of these children, to have worked so hard to build a dam, so they could play their hearts out in this deep dark ravine, as do all the children that live here. 

I took some pictures of the ravine last spring, I think that they are still in one of my folders and I am going to take you into this little piece of fun place, deep in the dark ravine.  This is looking eastward, I am down near the end of the old flooded part of the ravine, near the old broken down cement dam.  Not sure how I got onto the subject of the ravine, this started about the temperature and moon phase here, hee, hee, you know me, a'ramblin' we shall go, that is for you JP.  Have a wonderful and beautiful day, Cindi

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