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Author Topic: Love comes at first sight, or it comes with time?  (Read 1842 times)


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Love comes at first sight, or it comes with time?
« on: August 22, 2004, 05:54:12 PM »
Hello from Ukraine.
By looking at my friends, I have come to a conclusion, that all modern men only get married because they need to, or the age has come.

Excuse me, but what about love?

They come to us with flowers and a proposal, ask us to merry them, and yet the night before the ceremony they make a -boys party- as if they are loosing each other forever.

I want to find a smart, clever and also romantic man, I decided to try my luck and search the Internet.

I have posted my profile on the web www.mylady.info May be I will be fortunate to find my love here. My profile is 4046.


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Love comes at first sight, or it comes with time?
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2004, 06:58:36 AM »
Hello all of you!

In case you wondered; the text above is spam!  

This have happened several times on this board already and we can probably expect a lot more.  The spammers have, after making the e-mails full of unwanted mail, started to automaticly post messages on phpBB forums like this one.  The only possible solution to get rid of this is unfortunately to disallow posting of messages by guests and force them to register.  I haven't heard about spam scripts registering before posting, so disallow guest postings should hopefully be efficient.

If you read another strange message that has nothing to do with beekeeping, take a quick search on google for a part of a paragraph, and you will see that the exact same text has been posted on many other phpBB boards aswell.