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Author Topic: PROCESSING HONEY:if u had to do it all over again and owned 22 hives what would  (Read 687 times)

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thank you all for posting on my last thread (if u had to do it all over again and owned 22 hives what would u buy)
hind sight is 20-20. and i am sure you boughtequipmentt that after u expanded you put it on the shelf because u out grown it. i am trying to prevent this..
since i bought a load of useshallowsws thats what i would be using for honey.
my question is what processiequipmentent would u get processess honey from 22 hives?

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I've only got 15 hives but I can see more in the future and am planning accordingly.  I started out with a hand held blower, bread knife, and a 2 frame reversable extractor 6 years ago.  It worked well when I started but as I grew, I quickly outgrew my extracting capacity.  I updated to fume boards, a solar wax melter, 2 heated uncapping knives and stations, bought and restored a used Dadant 20 frame extractor, and found an old extractor tank that now serves as a settling tank.  I bought as needed and as the earnings showed up in the bank.  At this point I don't see being able to justify anything else until I get well above what I've got.
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