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Author Topic: Holy smokin' Fireweed!!!!!  (Read 1845 times)

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Holy smokin' Fireweed!!!!!
« on: August 26, 2007, 10:20:07 AM »
KathyP.  This will be of most interest to you.  Remember last fall how you and I both, in our own areas, spent so much time out there in the wild blue yonder collecting the fluffy seed capsules of Fireweed?  We had great discussions about it and why it has not germinated on our properties where we sowed it.  I attributed its lack of presence to the wild birds that no doubt watched me spread this fluffy white, dandelion-like seed capsules, and ate every one after they were sowed.

Well, yesterday I was going out and lo and behold, right beside where I park my vehicle is a Fireweed plant, growing like the dickens.  It is only about 2 feet high with no single flower stalk coming up, but many little smaller flower stalks.  I was astounded.  Where I had stored the Fireweed seed outside my greeenhouse in a container last year, (until I could get around to spreading the seed), I also saw Fireweed growing.  I know for certain that these are seeds that came from my gathering because of the very specific spot where they are now growing.  Oh brother.  I will have to definitely move the plants that are growing outside the greenhouse.  THat is where the kids park their bikes and it just won't work growing in there  :-D.  Now I am off to that agenda, so see what kind of root this wildflower has.  Hope it is not a tap root, those are a nuisance to transplant.  Tried to transplant some Sea Holly from seedlings that had germinated, and man oh man, what a long root.  I don't know if the seedlings will accept transplanting or not, we'll see.

Fireweed blooms here around the beginning of July.  I see the Fireweed all the way down at the little kids' school is setting forth fluffy stuff.  Guess I'm headed off to gather more as soon as the rains stop.  And try and get them germinated here in my greenhouse so they are field-ready for next year.  I don't want to gather more, sow it outside and wait until beginning of August next year, when it decides to germinate on its own  :)

So.....there goes that theory that it takes Fireweed 5 years to bloom, from seed set.  Nope.  I can tell you first hand that this is not true.  Now maybe it may take 5 years for the plant to become the 7 foot tall fireweed flower that we all see, but it is setting blooms.

I am going to take a walk about my property (when the rains stop) and see what I can see.  I can be my bottom dollar that now I will be seeing Fireweed plants, small, no taller than 18 inches, but......next year, I bet they are going to be doing their wonderful Fireweed thing.

I can't believe that it took one year for the seed to germinate.  Obviously this plant germinated approximately one month ago (or so), for the plant to be so short, but nevertheless growing and setting blooms.  Doubt if it will produce nectar.  Interesting eh?  Have a wonderful day, great life.  Cindi
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Re: Holy smokin' Fireweed!!!!!
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2007, 12:13:40 PM »
that is encouraging.  i have not checked around since the rain last week.  i will do so now.  i was going to pick blackberries for breakfast anyway :-)
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