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Author Topic: My style to make a new nuc and how to get it big  (Read 2016 times)

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My style to make a new nuc and how to get it big
« on: July 15, 2004, 02:13:51 AM »
I wish that you write here, how you personally make new nuc or how you get it big. Everybody does what they like, but what are the styles.

My last invention is 15 or 8 W terrarium heater.  I take a new queen. I give to nuc one brood  frame where bees are coming out. Then 2 another frames, total 3.  By the help of heater brood come all out and they can occupy 3 time more space than without heater.  When queen had layed eggs all frames full, I later give to nuc another frame of broods and I can put larvas from nuc to bigger hive.  Now it can occupy one langstroth box.

In warmed box queen lay eggs in the lower part of frame which is too cold in natural manner.

In this way I will get one box full of bees during one month and when whole box of brood  emerge, I have 3 box hive after 1,5 month..

I have just not 3-frame "copulatin" -nucs for new queens. They start is very easy with heater.

I have 18 hives, no problem with bees, but I do not want to disturb big hives when they collect honey.

I have made this year about 10 nucs. At the begining of June I got 2  queens from italy. Another I put in the heated box. Now it has 3 supers and it collect honey.