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Author Topic: Swarming Bees Attack, Trap Families After Fallen Tree Exposes Giant Hive  (Read 1084 times)

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ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- A swarm of aggressive bees attacked residents, stung firefighters and trapped families inside their homes Friday when a tree containing their giant hive collapsed on neighborhood houses.

The bees blanketed homes near Gatlin Avenue and Waterwitch Point when the tree branch suddenly snapped off and exposed the hive, according to witnesses.

When firefighters arrived to the neighborhood, they were attacked and stung by the bees and forced to seek safety inside of their vehicles.
Firefighters then used loudspeakers from inside their trucks to warn bystanders and homeowners to stay away from the area.
However, the aggressive bees were able to sting tree removal workers and at least one local newspaper photographer.
"They'll chase you all the way down the street," Bee removal expert Titus Mills said. "And usually they'll only bother you if you get in their vicinity but these guys are furious."
Bee removal experts said they typically try to capture and save the bees but said they no choice but to kill the bees because they were so aggressive.
The extent of damage to the home is not yet known. A second house was also affected by the tree.
Video showed many bees still flying around the homes late Friday afternoon.

Link has video of bees.

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Holy smoley!!!  Unbelievable eh?  Have a wonderful day, beautiful life.  Health.  Cindi
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