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Author Topic: Dee Lunsby, Jamie Ellis, Organic Beekeeping, no one asked our patron saint (MB)  (Read 3034 times)

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I guess they decided not to misquote Michael this time.

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Well that contradicts my bit, except, for the treatment. 5 out of 7 of my loss came from treated hives. the other 2 was cleaned out by robber bees and wax moths set in. 2 out of 10 or 12 is about what I loose  every year. "Also" My losses came  from aged queens, 3 yrs. and older. "Also" I have not entroduced any new stock in a while. Treatment and worn out genes for those who don't migrate. For those who do, too much stress. Thats my 2 cents.
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You know I went to Arizona and got some bees from Dee Lusby she really has it togrther right down to making her own foundation with chemical free wax.She has at least 900 hives mabey more she works by her self .I got some bees from her also.I did a news confrence in march and some people doing a documentery on CCD came and interviewed me they then went to Arizona and spent a day with Dee.When it is done I'll let every one know.If you ever get a chance to go to Arizona go see Dee Lusby
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   Just one of the many people I would like to meet when we're on a traveling vacation!
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     They sais it couldn''t be done, so I tackled it with a smile and sure enough I couldn't do it.!!!

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I agree MB has a great deal of knowledge keeping bees but he is not the only knowledgeable beekeeper out there.

It seems to make sense that they would quote the Lusbys since it appears they were one of the first pioneers in small cell.

"Lusby and her late husband, Ed, also developed over a period of time a smaller cell comb diameter that produced healthier hives, a reduction in the number of mites and diseases and optimum honey production."

Here is a site with links to articles from or about the Lusbys regarding beekeeping.

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Most of Lusby's material is available here:

And conversations on it here:
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