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Author Topic: Other things to see while in Frankfort KY. HAS Meeting  (Read 782 times)

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Other things to see while in Frankfort KY. HAS Meeting
« on: July 11, 2007, 07:38:31 PM »
I thought seeing as I am local I would add some links for the people attending HAS in Frankfort KY this weekend. These are my top picks for places to visit while here.

Salato Wildlife education Center. The conference is offering a tour, but I encorage anybody who is interested to visit on their own. It used to be the state game farm, but now has some fishing lakes, picnic areas and alot of live displayes on Ky wildlife. You will see reptiles, fish, a pair of balled eagles, bears, elk, buffalo, bobcats, white tailed deer, and some geese and ducks:) Admission is free and it is within a few minutes of Kentucky State University

Buffalo Trace Distillery. Offers some of the best bourbons produced and is the oldest operating distillery in the country. The tour is free, the gardens are great. And the samples rule. They are the best tour in the area, as far as I am concerned, and produce bourbon under 14 different labels. They are located on US 421 in downtown Frankfort. Ask for Freddy as a tour guide.

Shaker village of Pleasant hill. Nice historical site about 30 mins south of Frankfort. The shakers of pleasant hill had a huge impact on modern beekeeping and are mentioned in Horn's book "Bees in America". Unfotunately, their bee house no longer exists. Tours are 14.00 per adult. they also offer a paddle boat tour of Kentucky River Palisades that is reasonably priced.

Ky Horse Park. Horse park turned state park, offers trail rides, a museum on horse history, and Man-O-War's grave. There is a fee for admission, but I am unsure of the cost. they are located off of I 75 between Georgetown and Lexington, 30 minutes east of Frankfort

Gibby's in down town Frankfort is a good place to eat. Their sandwiches are good, prices are good, and they serve the traditional Kentucky Hotbrown.....a must try for anybody visiting Kentucky. Warning.....its a heart attack on a plate:)

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