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Author Topic: a few  (Read 1304 times)

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a few
« on: June 22, 2007, 03:48:24 AM »
Some soldiers were stationed somewhere in the arab island, somewhere in the desert, away from all the civilization. and so, a general came by to see how they're doing, he was to stay for a whole month. he came, looked around and the first thing he noticed was a mule in the middle of their yard, so he asked:
gen: what's this mule doing here?
pvt: well, ermmm, sir you see...this mule... ah tha hell, this mule is here so when soldiers get to...needy, they do their buisines.
gen: well at least give her something to eat and drink if she's that important.

so, after a few days living on the base, general started to feel *** so he said to himself, if soldiers do it..why wouldn't i? so he sneaked out in the dark and do it, but just before he was gone, a soldier who was on patrol spoted him. the general kindly said:
gen: now, this mule ain't that bad
is this how the soldiers do it?
pvt: (staring at the general) well, they usually get on top of her and ride to the closest brothel.


Before marriage:

He: yes! i've thought i'll never see this happen!!
she:You want me to leave?
he:NO! i didn't even think about it!
she: do you love me?
he: off course i do
she: have you ever cheated on me?
he:No, why do you ask!
she: do you wanna kiss me?
he: and badly!
she:do you wanna hurt me?
he: no way, i'm not that kind of person
she: Can i believe you?

now, that you've got married, read it backwards :-D


if you have a dog and the wife "barking" at you, from the outside of the house, who do you let in?
dog, offcourse, he'll stop barking when he gets in

when serving the army was a must, a boy/soldier wrote to his grandma and sent her a handgranade. he wrote:
Granma, if you pull that pin, i get 3 days off


scientist have found a certain type of food that regresses women desire for the S
it's called: The wedding cake


i'm responsible for our last argue :-\ she asked me what's on TV, and i answered: Dust.

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Re: a few
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2007, 06:48:21 PM »
mici, i stole some of your jokes  :-).  you have a couple of good ones!
One could not learn history from architecture any more than one could learn it from books. Statues, inscriptions, memorial stones, the names of streets ? anything that might throw light upon the past had been systematically altered. (1.8.85)

George Orwell  "1984"

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Re: a few
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2007, 07:43:56 PM »
now...you can't really steal a joke, unless we would be both in the stand-up comedy buisiness.
anyway, that is what jokes are about, if you don't tell in on real fast, you forget it :roll:

huh? how many thousand jokes have you forgoten? i know i have