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Author Topic: new bee entusiast (and skateboarder) , (and turtles and tortoise lover)  (Read 1097 times)

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                 Hi, my name is Ricky. I have a russian tortoise, Bubba, and a red eared slider turtle, shelli.
  I am an amature skateboarder getting flowed by Pig, and Spitfire.

I dont really keep bees but i like to collect abandoned hornet, wasp, and bees nests.

oh ya, im 13!

Im Ricky on myspace. there is a pic of a skateboard on my profile so you know its me
feel free to add me!

thanks a bundle!!!!!

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we have a number of young people on this board.  at least one is into other bugs and stuff.  read around and you'll be sure to find others.  try the family photo section, etc.
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Ricky, have fun in this forum, there is lots of interesting and cool stuff.  Great day to ya.  Cindi
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