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Author Topic: Dr. Bronners GHB positive soap  (Read 1046 times)

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Dr. Bronners GHB positive soap
« on: August 04, 2007, 01:25:27 PM »
Here is a wonderful example of the absurity that get my skin rillied up.
A band I am not a huge fan of (The Germs)
A soap I don't really like (my wife loves it, so I buy it for as a gift on occasion, brownie points are good)
A lack of standards.

Now while it may seem like all may hve turned out well. Let me share some enlightenment. Since the band member was arrested he has a record. Even though the charges were dropped. The arrest record stays. And trying to expunge an arrest is far more difficult than people think.

If you go in for a job they will ask you if you have ever been arrested. Not if you have been convicted. You can be denied a job because of a screw on the part of your government and you have very little recourse.

Now as a rock star you may not need government clearence. You may not as a rock star need to be able to access federal structures. You can probaly if succesful afford your own plane and fly where you want and avoid the TSA. I on the other hand am not a succesful rock star. But if I put a bottle of Dr. Bronners in my checked luggage and they decide to drug test it (and they can) I can end up in trouble. 

Meanwhile I can sit there in an airport with an hour and half before my plane leaves and barely make to the gate on time because they are going through a shift change.

Maybe I need to be a rock star. My first top 40 hit will be a song about how much I hate the TSA. Did I mention I don't feel any safer.

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