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THE 2ND AMENDMENT / Fallacies the media keeps presenting as facts.
« Last post by Michael Bush on July 26, 2016, 12:09:44 PM »
I'm constantly frustrated by what the media keeps presenting as facts on gun control.  One of their new ones is referring to "open carry laws".  There are no open carry laws.  There are just very few states that have a law AGAINST open carry.  You are allowed to open carry in those states for the same reason you are allowed to wear a baseball cap and walk down the street.  Because it's a free country and there is no law against it.  When the Police union in Ohio calls for the Governor to suspend open carry laws, they show a total ignorance of the law as well as the constitution of the US, the constitution of Ohio and our ancestor's understanding of the "rule of law".  If the executive branch can make a law (which would be what the governor would have to do to outlaw open carry) then he has made himself the legislature.  If the governor can suspend a law, (which he would have to do to suspend concealed carry) then he has usurped the legislature.  So first, there are no open carry laws for him to suspend, and second, the governor does not have that authority if there were a law to suspend.  To suspend laws (any laws) the governor would have to declare martial law and call out the National Guard.

Another one is that the news media keeps saying that AR15s used to be banned.  There was never a time when they were banned.  The "so called" assault weapon ban never banned anything.  You could buy any and all of the "assault weapons" during the "ban" that you could buy before or after the "ban".  The cost went up a little on some of them because a "preban" gun and a "postban" gun had different rules.  You could buy a preban gun and then buy a large capacity magazine (which were not banned either, but they couldn't make or import them, you could still buy them at a slightly elevated price) and you could put that large capacity magazin on your "preban" gun and you were legal.  If you already had a large capacity magazine on a preban gun, you were also legal.  The high capacity magazines were still available, they were just more expensive.  You could also buy a "postban" gun that was manufactured after the ban.  You could still buy a large capacity magazine.  But if you put the large capacity magazine in the postban gun you would be in violation of the law.  I'm sure that stops criminals... ;)  Also you could buy a folding stock that wouldn't fold until you removed a screw.  Removing that screw if it was on a postban gun would be illegal.  Removing it if you had it on a preban gun was legal.  Anyone could buy the gun.  Anyone could buy the stock.  But only if it was preban would it be LEGAL if you removed the screw that allowed it to fold.  So what exactly did the "assualt weapon ban" ban?  Import and manufacture of certain things like high capacity magazines.  But not the possession or sale of anything.  In other words, nothing was really banned.  The only way congress ever got the "ban" passed was that it didn't ban anything and it had a built in expiration date.  In spite of that no one who voted for it got reelected.

Another, of course, is the media constantly saying there is this epidemic of "gun violence" when in actuality violent crime is at the lowest level since the 1960s and still dropping.  They seem to think if they say it often enough it will become true.  Also the idea that guns cause violence and that they are the only "efficient" way to kill a lot of people.  Yesterday a Japanese man killed 19 and wounded 20 people with a knife... and last Thursday in Nice, France 80 people were killed and 18 were seriously injured by a guy running over them with a truck.  Maybe we should try to go after those sick people instead of guns...?  That or we need to outlaw trucks and knives...

Another myth they sell is that the NRA is some kind of PAC funded by the gun industry.  The NRA has clout because they represent voters.  Those voters have made sure that any presidential candidate up to now who advocated gun control has not gotten elected.  That was done by the VOTERS who the NRA represents.  Not by the NRA.  The same with all of those senators and congressmen who voted for the "assault weapon ban".  Their constituents voted them out.  Not the NRA.  When voters get together as a group it is quite different than when an industry gets together as a group.  If you want to know who controls congress look at the top 20 or so donors to the political campaigns and the top 20 PACs and you'll find the pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies etc. well represented a long with the Ag chemical companies.  The NRA is not in the top 20.  Their clout doesn't come from money and donations, it comes from voters.
The suit should protect you. Remember, wasp will try to sting many times, that is why I use a wasp spry and try to kill them before they kill me.  -Mike
At work I got to dig around and find a wasp nest under some valve boxes. Not sure which stack they are in or under what box. So will by Ultra Breeze protect me or should I just get ready for a sting or 3
« Last post by MT Bee Girl on July 26, 2016, 11:32:47 AM »
LOL! funny chester!
« Last post by chester5731 on July 26, 2016, 10:39:57 AM »
You can put two wedges together and get a free medium.
so would that be called "giving the hive a wedgie"?
From the point-of-view of a hive swap, bees fall into two categories: young bees and older bees.

Young bees haven't been out flying yet, and so will stay wherever you put them.  Older bees, on the other hand, have been out flying and have thus oriented to a hive entrance location - which, having done this, means that they will auto-locate towards that location - even if it looks different.

So - simply place your new hive in the old position, with it's entrance as near as possible to the position of the old entrance, and facing in the same direction.  This isn't critical, but the nearer it is to the original, the better,

Place the old hive as far away as you like - a few yards is fine.  Then move your bees.  Any residual bees (there's always some) can be scooped-up using a brush and a scoop made from a plastic milk jug.  Then, just tip 'em in.

When the foragers return, they'll simply enter the new hive - there may be a little hesitency at first, but they'll soon adjust.  It's usual to get some clustering around the entrance for a couple of hours, as they become aware that 'something here isn't quite right' - but again, they'll soon adjust to their new home.

If any bees do choose to fly over to the old hive, then providing the entrance to it is blocked, they'll soon figure out where the rest of the girls are now living.
« Last post by Acebird on July 26, 2016, 08:50:25 AM »
You can put two wedges together and get a free medium.
GENERAL BEEKEEPING - MAIN POSTING FORUM. / Re: Need advice on a hot hive
« Last post by GSF on July 26, 2016, 08:23:19 AM »
Bees will go crazy after you first move them. It's probably like an earthquake that lasts for hours.
FARMING & COUNTRY LIFE / Re: Skunks under my deck, any removal suggestions
« Last post by GSF on July 26, 2016, 08:16:12 AM »
Good to know, thanks.
« Last post by MT Bee Girl on July 26, 2016, 08:11:23 AM »
Caribou, I use a couple of deeps and I also bought a few extras. I kinda like the deeps on the bottom but I do also like to have everything exchangeable. I haven't exactly decided. lol I'm going to overwinter with a few deeps this year just to see what happens. I buy my equipment out of Western Bee supply and what I've learned is that a deep box is only about 50 cents more than the mediums. I've been buying the deeps, building them, and then have my husband cut them down into mediums which then gives me a medium box and an extra wedge which I can use as a feeder wedge or for my Mt. Camp, or excess insulation in the winter, etc.
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