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« Last post by PhilK on November 29, 2016, 07:12:36 PM »
Jesus, flyboy, really? There is nothing so wrong as the anti vaccine movement.. except maybe homeopathy. Every credible scientific study has found them to be perfectly safe in the majority of cases. The most laughable thing about your whole post is that you call vaccines pseudoscience.. you. While you believe in the anti-vaccination movement (which is literally not based in science).

Nothing you said about dose of vaccines is true, nothing you said about 'vaccines not being studied on children' is true - ever heard of clinical trials? You know that no drug is ever approved without proof that it is safe to be used, right? I can't just put crap in a syringe and start injecting children and say "well there's no way of testing it so let's see what happens". Vaccines are given to children at a young age because that is when they work.. you need to have a basic understanding of the immune system. I will not be accepting evidence from a movie called 'Vaxxed', just the same as I won't watch a movie called 'The Beauty of Vaccines' and quote it as a reliable unbiased source.. again, you need to know how to present and find credible unbiased evidence.

What age was your grandson when his eye rolled in? You know hundreds of thousands of people have that problem and get surgery to correct it, right? Both my brothers had it when they were younger. I doubt very much it was from the vaccine. There has been NO link to autism with vaccinations. None. Zero. They just don't cause autism, sorry. Yes, you can have a reaction to a vaccine - just like you can have a reaction to a bee sting, a peanut, shellfish, pollen, the list goes on. If a few people have a bad side effect from vaccines that save literally millions of lives a year is that worth it? Absolutely yes. I bet you were vaccinated as a kid, lucky you.

The bottom line is that the vaccine schedule is a goldmine to Pediatricians because if there was no 'Vaccine Schedule' parents would have no reason to bring little Johnny and Suzie to see the pediatrician.
Oooohhh I'm pretty sure they would have a reason to go.. you know, when they get polio, measles, mumps, whooping cough etc etc. The diseases they can get vaccinated against. If you think all paediatricians do is give vaccinations then you obviously have no idea about that profession either.

The tragic thing about anti-vaxxers is that it's not the people making the decision who will suffer - it's their kids. They shouldn't be put in danger of contracting perfectly avoidable diseases because you believe in some garbage with no scientific backing. I firmly believe parents should be prosecuted for not vaccinating their children. The good thing about our society is that enough people are vaccinated to provide 'herd immunity' (look it up) to unvaccinated children so they are still unlikely to get sick. Unfortunately this reinforces to the anti-vaxxers that they were right in their decision... but the more unvaccinated kids there are, the weaker herd immunity becomes, until eventually it fails and we start getting kids becoming sick and possibly dying (I think I remember there was a measles outbreak in California this year? .. that really shouldn't be happening in 2016).

You know in countries that can't afford vaccines/have poor health care etc there are enormous rates of preventable diseases in children, and many thousands of them die.. that should be enough proof to you. If you don't want vaccines for yourself as an adult, that is fine, you're unlikely to get sick anyway and if you do it;s your own stupid fault, but don't expose children to fatal diseases from some unfounded fear of vaccinations... I hope against hope that none of your grandkids become sick because of your family's beliefs. My brother is a paediatric cardiologist and when he was doing his training he watched a young boy die for whooping cough because his parents didn't vaccinate him. Apparently it's truly a horrific way to die, and he said they darn sure changed their tune about vaccines after that.
THE 2ND AMENDMENT / Re: Free training for LGBT
« Last post by iddee on November 29, 2016, 06:30:58 PM »
So how many straight people went to the classes for free. Did they have to bring their SO and demonstrate they were qualified? If a range advertised that in this area and I wanted the class, I would go. How are they verifying their status?
THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: Great commentary on Hillary's recount scheme
« Last post by iddee on November 29, 2016, 06:16:36 PM »
I hope they get a recount in one or two states and Trump ends up with a larger win.
« Last post by D Coates on November 29, 2016, 05:25:58 PM »
Of course the vaccine business is practically the only major money maker for the drug companies now that antibiotics are being frowned upon due to MRSA and no new ones are being developed. You can be certain that vaccines will be coming out for everything and anything.

Prove that statement.  You can't help tripping over yourself can you?  So I find an MIT grad that says you should be getting vaccines you're going to change your position because they're an MIT grad?  You apparently understand this even less than the Roundup info you were posting as "facts."  You're willing to assume it's big Pharma and their "jab" just trying to make money because it fits your world view.  The Polio vaccine shows up and Polio disappears, is that a big Pharma conspiracy?  All of the vaccinations are just a money making conspiracy by big Pharma and big Medical?  Are you saying Canada's single payer healthcare system is in on this too?  Just like it appears you're assuming, Roundup is big Ag only trying to make money selling deadly chemicals?  In your mind it appears it's always some evil company that out to do harm that's why "Monsanto" appears to be such a hot button for you.

This reminds me of some protesters I ran across this weekend while enjoying the Plaza lighting ceremony in Kansas City.  They were chanting all types of , pro-green, socialist/communist, anti-capitalist, anti election results slogans while carrying a Soviet flag.  I at least had a good discussion of the evils of communism and socialism with my children (they're vaccinated, ...and doing fine).  The last chant they had was "By any means necessary."  Let that sink in.  They'd be willing to do ANYTHING to get their vision (destruction of "evil" corporations, capitalism, internal combustion engines, election results, redistribution of wealth, seizing of personal property, etc.) of "social justice" enacted no matter the logic and following loss of life that must ignored.  Gulags anyone?  We'd be living in mud huts if they had their way.  Once I finished listening to their ignorant half baked messages, I chuckled at the fools I went on my merry way and enjoyed capitalism at it's finest.
GENERAL BEEKEEPING - MAIN POSTING FORUM. / Re: What kind of bee is this?
« Last post by Michael C on November 29, 2016, 04:07:00 PM »
Thanks.  I've never seen yellow jackets this small around here. They are usually much larger. They have been showing up here recently.
THE 2ND AMENDMENT / Re: Free training for LGBT
« Last post by Eric Bosworth on November 29, 2016, 04:00:22 PM »
Maybe it will bring more people to the Libertarians as well.  The Republicans have not been their friends and the Democrats are not supporters of freedom.  The Libertarians have no anti-gay agenda and no anti-gun agenda... in fact their only "anti" is they are against loss of liberty...
What a great comment... Most people are libertarians... They just don't know it.
Living in New Yuck with the New Yuck State Unsafe act it is absolutely stupid what our laws state. I have 2 30/06 rifles, a Ruger 10/22, a Remington 870 28 gage, an Ithaca 12 gage and a Franchi 20 gage. The only one of those guns that is affected by the Unsafe act is the Ruger 10/22. the least powerful gun I own. It is illegal to fill it with ammunition. (Like that will stop me...) Especially when I shoot with a New Yuck State Police Sargent. I can't honestly say I have ever shot that gun in his presence however. We typically shoot clays. It is scary seeing how poorly he shoots a shotgun... I hope he is better with his service weapon. I swear he was shooting blanks one day a couple weeks ago. He even joked about it That said I did not realize all the other stipulations that went along with the Unsafe act... The biggest being I can't legally make a private sale of any of my guns. If I want to sell a gun I have to take it to a dealer so that they can do all the BS background paperwork. I actually would like to sell one of the 30/06's and get something different. I think the solution might be to trade it in when I get a new gun if I really want to get rid of it. The other solution for me is to just ignore the law and sell it anyway. How are they going to enforce it? Especially when some of the state police see it as being stupid.
The payoff for the green party is if they get enough of the general vote they get included in debates. I doubt it will rise to that level but its worth a shot for them. I would be totally shocked if the results were different.
GENERAL BEEKEEPING - MAIN POSTING FORUM. / Re: What kind of bee is this?
« Last post by paus on November 29, 2016, 03:15:44 PM »
these are yellow jackets they are BAAADDD  They make a stacked nest sometimes but similar to wasp nest  They also nest in the ground. They prey on a weak hive.  They crawl up your pants and can sting numerous times.  I got a call about bees in a residence and coming through the sheetrock or plasterboard for Brits and Aussies.  When I made small hole out they came, yellow jackets that is, I already had my suit on and was ready for anything except crawling.  This drill did turn out ok only 4 stings on legs and I got paid and the owners were VERY happy. Oh yes some people call these wasp "Guinea" wasp. TREV
FARMING & COUNTRY LIFE / Re: Sweet Potatoes
« Last post by Eric Bosworth on November 29, 2016, 02:58:42 PM »
You can't get the ground warm enough for long enough for sweet potatoes in NY.

lay metal roofing in your trailer or truck before you load it with manure.  You may have to screw a bar on the end of the panels so you can chain it off to a tree and slowly drive away leaving the majority of the pile sliding on the ground with the panel.  Once it is on the ground you can scrap it off the panel with the bucket.  If it is in a pick up bed don't pull it all the way out just far enough so the free end of the panel tips down to the ground.  It should act like a dump trailer.
Why didn't I think of that? If I do that with the big trailer next spring I should be able to do one trip and be done. I do need to get some plywood to make the sides taller but that should work great. I took a welding class once and it was mentioned how nobody ever overloads trailers. :happy: Certainly not my Dad. I think he has totally rebuilt his wood trailer 3 or 4 times and yet he refuses to give up on it.
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