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THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: Charleston SC
« Last post by biggraham610 on July 02, 2015, 11:21:36 PM »
"Home of the Free and Land of the Brave" has turned into "Land of the disenfranchised, and home of the whiners". I am sick to my stomach what this Country is fast becoming. The progressive movement is gaining strength in leaps and bounds. They want the United States to become a third world country, no better than anyone else. We are moving in that direction at warp speed. G
GENERAL BEEKEEPING - MAIN POSTING FORUM. / Re: Annual honey extraction....
« Last post by biggraham610 on July 02, 2015, 11:17:36 PM »
Eric, you are right, the bees will make wax when they need it. In my limited experience though, the only time they Need it is during a good flow. There is a lot of energy during that same good flow used to build wax if that's what you want them to do. I think that if you give them drawn comb, during the same flow, your honey harvest will likely be much heavier. Stimulative feeding for wax building seems a hit and miss to me. Seems more like an established colony, knows the flow is over, and decreases brooding to match it. Therefore leaving more open comb for stores, and less need for wax. I love nice virgin white wax, but I will be extracting this year. Drawn comb is invaluable during times of yard expansion. Once I get to my target, accumulation of extra comb may not seem as important, until then, I need all the comb I can get to give my young queens a place to lay. G
So you like her---- why? Did you not say the bees dwindled down? Why did they dwindle down.... the queen maybe. As far as adding a frame of bees to boost an existing hive and the frame of bees excepting the queen. I think the existing hive is accepting the frame of bees. And the queen already belongs to the existing hive. Of course all of this is relative to strength of the existing hive. Just a handful of bees and a poor or no queen.... cut your losses IMHO
I don't know that you could save her and start again with her. If the hive dwindled down so small where you have to save her, wouldn't you NOT waste valuable frames of brood on her, just to come back to have the same situation?

If it was a mating nuc queen, sure. But one that had her chance, sorry.
I would throw the comb in a different queen right hive and let a good queen lay it up, if I had hives that were still drawing comb.

Or, put that comb in and take some brood out and switch. Let the girls make a new queen with a e-cell. That way I still get the same number of hives and chances are, better queen. But I would not even try to save a failed or failing queen.
The Confederate States flag has been removed from Fort Sumter along with all flags except the US flag. The Confederate States flag is not expected to go back up. Nice way to slip it in ain't it --- remove them all but not return them all. Fort Sumter sits in the middle of Charleston harbor and is the site where the first shots of The Civil War were fired:

Interesting... I would move a frame up from the bottom.
My cousin's wife finished the marathon about 5 minutes before the bombing. I agree that shutting down cities and events is the wrong approach.
I'm still bothered by what I should have done with my past bees.  I'm almost obsessed with the idea of saving the handful of bees that I had.  I'm even thinking about duplicating the situation to see what would work.

But back to introducing extra bees and percentages.  While a specific percentage can't be given, and probably varies from situation to situation, I still would like a general idea.   I didn't think this was like splitting, but maybe it is?  I understand you can add brood frames from one hive to another and there is no problem.  How is this situation different when there are just a small number of bees when you're adding a brood frame to?

What my situation was, was the hive had dwindled to a hand full of bees.  For some reason, I liked the queen.  The bees were less aggressive than the nucs I have now.  Maybe I should have killed her.  But it was my only hive.

But whatever the reason, suppose you are in an outyard, it's getting late, you won't be able to make it back for a week, you had liked all the hives and their queens, you come across a hive that had dwindled to less than a frame of bees.  You have to make a decision quick.  How do you stack your odds for the possibility of it working without spending a lot of time agonizing over it and without giving up on it?  Such as, one frame of brood from another hive or two or more frames? 
Amen again.

It pained me-- since I grew up there-- to hear the "Boston Strong" claims after the Marathon bombing. A major city was completely shut down by a couple of overgrown kids with homemade explosives. I don't mean to minimize the damage they did; it was awful. But especially once we knew who was responsible, it was a horrible decision to lock down the city.
NATURAL & ORGANIC BEEKEEPING METHODS / Re: Drawing foundationless honey frames
« Last post by Duane on July 02, 2015, 09:14:31 PM »
I had added a second box, peeked in and couldn't see any comb on the top bars, so took the box off, looked through the bottom box and put it back together.  A few days later I checked and decided to make sure they hadn't started in the top box and found I couldn't pull a frame out.  They had built comb from the bottom up using the edge of the bottom bar!  I must say, previously when I took the top box off, thinking there was no comb in it, I wasn't all that careful with tilting it and setting it down.  Being 90 degrees, the comb had fallen over.  It was almost to the top, but not quite.  I had read they could build up but thought that was just a little bit, not a whole frame.  At first I thought that they couldn't get to the top bars to draw down.  But this is a top entrance hive so they walk right past it all the time.  Maybe different bees draw the comb.  I guess this is where I need to move a frame from the bottom up to the top box.

I'm curious as to whether other foundationless people have experienced the same thing when putting an empty box on top.
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