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« Last post by PhilK on July 26, 2016, 02:33:06 AM »

Probably a little late to ask this question as tonight is the night I have to do something, but I have to move three hives tomorrow and was wondering how to go about this.

Mostly my question is whether I should seal the hives after dark tonight and move them before sunrise tomorrow, or should I seal the hives and move them tonight?
GENERAL BEEKEEPING - MAIN POSTING FORUM. / Re: Need advice on a hot hive
« Last post by Caribou on July 26, 2016, 01:46:08 AM »
One thing you might want to do is to take a small vial of alcohol to put the queen in.  This can be used later for a bee lure.
Naw bees don't get mad if you open the door and shine a bright light in the home  :tongue:.  Just think how you would feel sleeping and the wife turns the ceiling light on to find her eye mask that came off  :angry:

« Last post by Caribou on July 26, 2016, 01:17:55 AM »
Sweet.  I was thinking about setting one of mine up as a swarm trap near my apiary to hopefully catch any of my swarms.  Another I hope to build a bee vacuum around.
You can get a 1/4 or half HP electric motor and use pullies with belts or cogs and chains. Or if you can mount it directly to shaft with Lovejoy connection. I use a 1/2 HP electric with belts and a router speed controller. This works great for my homebuilt six deep frame radial extractor.

I have a Vivo BEE-V004 manual 4/8 frame honey extractor and would like to put a motor on it.   Any suggestions other than buy one with a motor??!!!!  Does anyone have experience doing this that can share any pointers with me, like where to get a motor, how long did it last,  is it even worth trying to do this?
I wash the veil and hat by scrubbing them with dishwashing soap and rinsing them with a hose in the back yard. The suit goes through the washer in cold water with no softener and air dries.
  After working a aggressive hive I'll wash the veil to remove any alarm phernomes left from bumping bees. 
GENERAL BEEKEEPING - MAIN POSTING FORUM. / Re: Need advice on a hot hive
« Last post by Flyin Brian on July 25, 2016, 10:28:53 PM »
Since you have skunks in your area, just raise the hive up a little to make the skunk raise his belly off the ground while he is bothering the hive. It is his weak spot and the bees know how to teach him a lesson.
Yeah it already was on a stand, so maybe that was not the problem.  Who knows.

I made a new stand yesterday and it is around 12" off the ground at the new spot.  The new spot is 15+ miles away.

So I went out there today to check on them.  I decided to go ahead and split the 2 boxes and brought a new top & bottom.  As soon as I opened the lid things went crazy!  I thought I had opened a hornets nest.  I can't even begin to describe how things went, but it was like nothing I want to experience again.  Luckily I had my pant legs taped up and I put a pair of work gloves over my light lambskin gloves.

When I finished I still had bees chasing me 300 yards away.  I looked at my gloves and there are stingers on at least every inch of the leather.

I called my contact person who has queens and I will be picking up 2 of them tomorrow.

The current situation is the 2 deep boxes are now single deeps next to each other.  The old queen is on the left, no queen on the right.

Since I have always raised my own queens, I'm not sure if I should have pinched the queen today or?  I don't think I could have dealt with any more than what I did splitting them, that was a chore.

My plan is to get the Queens at 10am and be at the yard at 11, find the queen, pinch her, and hang a queen in each box.

Is there another way to do this or does it sound like I am on the right track?

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DOWN UNDER BEEKEEPING / Re: When to Make Splits, Nucs etc?
« Last post by west end apiary on July 25, 2016, 10:16:37 PM »
hey mate,

the coates nucs are ones made from plywood, you can get four five frame nucs out of a single sheet of ply. I got two sheets for $50 from masters a while ago and now have six completed nucs and two in the process of building them.

just search "coates four frame nuc plans" and there are a few of them in the images search.

Otherwise just go see quality beekeeping supplies and get a couple of there nucs. They are just glue and screw so not too bad.

The swarms are coming so you need to be prepared and they happen more regularly in the middle of Brisbane.

I will hopefully get you some photos of my queen cells this weekend.
GENERAL BEEKEEPING - MAIN POSTING FORUM. / Re: Equipment....Buy or Build????
« Last post by flyboy on July 25, 2016, 10:06:00 PM »
That's actually a good plan because if you buy first then you can get measurements off of the store bought ones and so eliminate the problems with plans.

My ex used to razz me (for good reason) about trying to bee cheap and then buying the best afterwards. So I would therefore buy twice. I've even tried to build a catamaran and a guitar. Sometimes I even finished the project.  :shocked: A friend told me that about 10% of homebuilt aircarft actually get built.

Last thing I bought with her was a top-of-the-line racing catamaran (Hobie Tiger) after we were going to drive all day in a potential snowstorm, to buy a cheap old used one.
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