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« Last post by bwallace23350 on February 18, 2017, 03:34:51 PM »
Holly was a thought but I would really like something that blooms in the July/August time frame. I have more research to do.
Ive been studying beekeeping for a bit now pretty hard...  im comfortable with it, but my wife is not near as comfortable as i am.  Which is ok.  Its the difference in a man and a woman kind of thing...  she wants to do it right and take classes/ "read the instructions"....  Im a man and jump in and learn and throw the instruction book aside..
GENERAL BEEKEEPING - MAIN POSTING FORUM. / Re: Starting out beekeeping # of hives/nucs?
« Last post by sc-bee on February 18, 2017, 02:21:44 PM »
yep at least two..... plenty corrections you can make with two that you can't physically do with one. classes first, there are pros and cons. it is nice to have a mentor or at least a few yard visits. you can jump n head first but the information flow/ learning curve can be overwhelming for some. just the shear amount of differing opinions can be bumfuzzling  :wink:
« Last post by GeezLouise on February 18, 2017, 02:06:32 PM »
Holly spines probably won't phase cattle (if that's what you were thinking); they have thick skin. I don't remember if it's poisonous to them.

Also if you'll be in the area in sandals, hand weeding, or mulching with grass clippings from there, you may want to avoid spiny plants.

Says the person who planted about 75 feet of Oregon grape along a fence in a suburban backyard. The Oregon grape did keep humans from climbing over the fence.

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« Last post by tjc1 on February 18, 2017, 12:57:39 PM »
Probably because I wasn't looking at a large planting of either one, so not enough to attract the HB's...
THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: How leaks go undetected
« Last post by herbhome on February 18, 2017, 12:36:03 PM »
Do you know you can correct your posts. Look at the upper right ride for the word modify. Tap it change it and save it.

Thanks Sawdustmaker,

I knew this but was tired and loopy at the time.
Yeah winters here arent cold.  Only see 30 degree temps for a week or so...  right now, february, everythings blooming.  Its spring here already.

Fyi to those in other parts of the world..
THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: How leaks go undetected
« Last post by kathyp on February 18, 2017, 11:17:10 AM »
It surprises me how shocked and angry folks are about "leaks" and "leakers'. This is how a democracy works and how it should work. Every nutty thing that was said about Obama and Clinton was welcomed by the right as fact.

This is not how democracy works.  Never mind that we are not a democracy.  This is how 3rd world crap holes work and it is not OK.

We have a whistleblower act for this very reason.  when people think they see something wrong they can bring it to the attention of the appropriate people and what they are looking at can be evaluated within the big picture. 

You are not correct when you say we were all happy to have it done in the last admin.  I am never happy for it.  People I know and love depend sometimes on classified info staying that way.  People who help us and thus help the people I know and love, depend on info not being leaked.

There is no excuse for it and I happily would agree to death by firing squad for anyone caught doing it.  Little Miss Manning can rot in hell where he/she belongs as far as I am concerned.  I only hope it is successful in it's next attempted exit as no one will be watching it to intervene. The rest of them can join it if we ever get our hands on them.
« Last post by akhardys on February 18, 2017, 11:06:13 AM »
Hi fellow forum members.

Getting ready to embark on a new hobby in beekeeping.  Starting out this spring with delivery of 3 x nucs.  The will probably arrive a couple weeks before the normal start of flow in this area.  I understand new bees must be fed, regardless.  Can I feed them dry sugar?  I've read a lot about feeding dry sugar in the winter, but really can't find anything on feeding sugar vs syrup to new starts.

I've located a beekeeping club locally that I've joined.  This online forum has already answered most of my initial questions and concerns.  Thanks all.
GENERAL BEEKEEPING - MAIN POSTING FORUM. / Re: Starting out beekeeping # of hives/nucs?
« Last post by JackM on February 18, 2017, 10:30:07 AM »
Maybe compromise. Buy one nuc. Spend the money budgeted for the other nuc (s) on more boxes, frames, tops and bottoms. Enough for three hives. Build the nuc thru the flow and split into three small colonies in June, then go into winter with three colonies.

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I disagree, you will be sending 3 weak hives into winter.  Do splits before the flow.
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