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« Last post by minz on March 04, 2015, 11:41:40 PM »
The big question is where did you get .22 ammo?  We have not seen any on the shelf in almost two years.  We are going rat shooting in Eastern Oregon and we shoot a carton per man, per day easy and I cannot find it for the hoarders.  I am going to be shooting 17 hmr this year and that is spendy.
As for the mouse I typically punch them. It really freaks the kids out but it gets the job done.
« Last post by minz on March 04, 2015, 11:36:33 PM »
Well Jack we did not have a winter this year. We are 30+ growing degree days ahead of the calendar, warmest on record for December, January and February. No snow on the mountain and bees are bringing in water from the pond (normally 45 degrees and rain). Farmers are working fields and we set record high after record high.   I am glad you ran 100% but it has been easy on us out here but far from typical.
clyde told me kathy  and mr john show hope you can get yo days rite
here is a chart that the bee club has been sending out on what is available in this part of the country, what months and what amount of sugar it has as well as pollen.
nope, looks like I can not post a pdf.
I don't think so,we have a number of big flowering gums in the area which are still going strong and I'm seeing my bees on them (they're quite distinctive) up to 1.5km away, also plenty of flowering still in people's gardens (I'm in the burbs), so I think the flow's still happening - they've drawn a couple of frames in the last two weeks alone and that was on a small serve, maybe only a litre of syrup to begin with as I had them closed down for 9 days while I introduced the queens and couldn't top it up as I was minimising disturbance.

As I said, both hives were taking up the syrup with gusto, it's just this one that stopped as soon as I changed out the syrup for a richer mix - literally a 15 min changeover.

So you think weaker mix might be better then?

I take your point on the backfilling issue - will have to watch out for that.
« Last post by texanbelchers on March 04, 2015, 11:04:12 PM »
I got a swarm call at 1:30 this afternoon.  I was on my way out to a meeting, so called to postpone.  Arrived at 2:00, borrowed a ladder and a box.  By 3:00 they were home in a hive with a frame of honey and a captured queen.  Only 1.5 hours delay to attempt fix a system.  Woo hoo!
A lot of beekeeping is location. Is your flow over for now? In my case once the flow over it is hard to feed to draw comb unless you catch them on the tail end of the flow and trick them into thinking it continued. In my case they just backfill drawn comb and honey bind the queen.
Sometimes they prefer a natural source they have found to the feed but in this case you say one is taking and one isn't. So probably not the case.

There was a discussion on here last year about feeding very thin syrup to draw comb. I mean very thin like 1:5 or so. You might b able to find the thread with search.
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« Last post by sterling on March 04, 2015, 10:40:01 PM »
That, of course, would be in direct violation of the constitution since that power belongs to congress:

so what?

Exactly.  The immigration stuff is also a violation  of the Constitution. Not enforcing laws on protecting our borders is also a violation.  Also the deal Obama and Kerry is working out with Iran and not including the Senate is unconstitutional. If things dont fit into their plan they make up their own laws.
Kent Williams a big time Ky beek did our club talk Monday said a cluster without stores in the spring during a cold spell could starve in three days. The point of course was keep something on the hives that they can eat.
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