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« Last post by Switchback on Today at 10:36:29 AM »
 :happy: :cool:
THE 2ND AMENDMENT / Re: Green tip 5.56 has been banned, We're all felons.
« Last post by Robo on Today at 09:41:21 AM »
It is just another rouse of the sheeple.    They have been very deliberate in the use of the vague term "armor piercing",  intentionally not saying "body armor".  For the general none educated population that get all their opinions from the evening news,  "armor piercing"  is equated to tanks and heavy military vehicles and of course there is no need for a civilian to own such ammo.
I think a Harris County, Texas, member of Congress killed it. 

who was that? wants shake hands
« Last post by rdy-b on Today at 02:42:16 AM »
best to stager entrance direction --so all are not facing the same-
 your winds and whether are going to dictate the negative influences
you are going to evade--also as a side note learning orientation trats
that bees posses is a great tool for beekeepers to have in there tool bag
--there are times when a circular pattern is best for nukes-but a four way
pattern would be ideal for colonies ready to be moved onto pallets there
are many opiones---sometimes its the bees that decide---- :wink:--RDY-B
THE 2ND AMENDMENT / Re: SVT-40 I found one and it's on the way!!
« Last post by beemaster on Today at 02:11:51 AM »
Are you going to shoot it or display it?
My 7.62 blows holes in my metal targets.  If you do shoot, find something fun to target.
I had the same experience with a Bruno 22 mag a few years ago, ended up buying two, one to hunt with and one as an investment.

I'm might have cover this in the post I was typing when you posted. But I want guns to shoot them and while doing so, imagine carrying something this heavy for YEARS. I know the Mosins have gone up nearly a hundred bucks since I bought then and the SKS almost two hundred - again surely an embargo thing. so, I think of it as paying for the ammo!

I've mentioned before my left main shoulder muscle is completely severed and I am left handed. But every time I raise those guns up and fire it, I get a feeling like I'm on a roller coaster - that rush that I just don't get unless CRAP hits the fan at work when we are doing extremely important things and I have to rub both sides of my brain together and try to start a fire to fix the problem. Interestingly, I'll shoot about 200 rounds at the range I go to which is Fort Dix Army Range 14 (the same place my father shot in boot camp in 1950) and YES I do shoot at half inch steel at 200 years and blow holes through it like cheese. I even shot the Shepard's hook I use to hold the steel plates and the pole took enough of a hit with the weight of the target, it timbered over in two. Of course, never in a million years could I ever hit that on purpose (not sure how many people with iron sites could) but I had witnesses who all of a sudden was interested in an M44.

That's the other thing, people come to you and ask to see and/or shoot these guns - they've never seen one except in a war movie. I let them know of the recoil in case they've never shot a 30 cal. before, then let them have at it. They go home with a memory and just maybe search for one and add it to their collect - you never know.

So these are all shooting guns. I have badges, flags, metals and other memorabilia that is protected and doesn't get handled - that eventually will be display cased. But everything I have is all ready willed to someone who is a very good friend of mine's son WHO will easily see 100 years of age and hopefully appreciate what he has.
Welcome to my addiction.  I have many. 
Thanks for your tip for Western Bee.  I usually build my own but will look into what they have.
This site is great for beginners, a lot of old timers help out.
I had the 12" auger on the tractor last weekend so I took MB's advise and buried the head.  Covered it with rocks and wood to keep critters from digging it up.  I will follow up with a post on bleaching the skull.  I would like to hang this on the covered patio or inside the house.
THE 2ND AMENDMENT / Re: SVT-40 I found one and it's on the way!!
« Last post by beemaster on Today at 01:51:17 AM »
The cool part of this, is that I'll now have 4 WW2 era rifles, Mosin 91/30, Mosin M44, Russian SKS and SVT-40.

Some will say WHERE'S YOUR AKA-47, Mr. Russian Riffle Man? And so far (living within the NJ Rifle Rules) the 47 doesn't always meet our laws, even those tailored down to meet our laws don't interest me too much. I think it is my dislike for the AR15 variants I've seen and shot. More so the ammo I think.

Yes, the 7.62X39 AK cartridge (which is a stretch of the truth - the SKS had it first) is fun in my SKS - which without a doubt my most accurate rifle. I like how it stays stripper clip feed - I like to think of that in the heat of the battle, just as the Mosins. Not to forget it also is FIXED magazine as with the Mosins.

The SVT-40 though (to me) has the uniqueness of being the first detachable magazine and has an adjustable gas fed system and has a lot of similarities (at least breakdown wise) of the SKS. So in many ways the SVT-40 is in that category of rifles I like and less like the lighter m-4, m-16, ar-15, etc..

I love to say, I love the powerful recoil of these weapons, the thunder and lighting from every shot, the dirty looks I get from the AR folks - heehee and the amazing fact that they are 50-80 years old and in GREAT condition and operate flawlessly WITH ammo that costs about $0.17c a round - I last paid $78 for 440 rounds of Mosin Ammo - I bought three spam cans of it. Sure it is corrosive surplus, but cleaning your guns is part of owning your guns. Another issue is it keeps my TYPES of ammo down to two for rifle and two for handgun. I know, that means the AK would work out well and NO I have not discounted it. For now I need a real gun rack, sad truth - the night I was going to ask my coworker to build me a rack and a memorabilia case, he died at work just an hour before I was to relieve him. The rack has been on the back burner ever sinse.

But thanks, I am happy with the auction, I have no doubt it will be a blast to shoot, Only problem, I may need a bigger car to take them all to the range  :tongue: of course I am kicking myself in the pants for not getting one when I first was search Russian long arms. And no, I don't plan on stopping at Russian - I just wanted to start with more paycheck friendly rifles: start going to other AXIS Countries and it get pretty expensive quickly.

I'm saving ALLIED for last, I do have an Lee Enfield in the works with a coworker, he's just a tail dragger at getting the info on it so I can fairly price it - it was his fathers bring back: Why an American brings back a British rifle, I'm not sure (and I know many Enfields were made in the states too)- but I have his word it was British - we'll see. But as the Greatest Generation leaves us, their kids will be selling everything they have and I don't feel bad at giving a good home to those who fought wars across both sides of the globe to Victory.
« Last post by jvalentour on Today at 01:49:24 AM »
Shooting TV's are like shooting paper.  Anticlimatic.   
THE 2ND AMENDMENT / Re: Kids and guns
« Last post by jvalentour on Today at 01:37:24 AM »
I own a preschool.  I wish I could teach the same lesson your kids (and mine) know to others.  Your story is touching to say the least.
In a happier vein, I do take packages of bees in for the kids to see.  They love what they see and seem to be fearless.  Hopefully their exposure to bees will encourage them to get away from the TV and back into the real world.

PS, Thank your son for his service to our country. 
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