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Sorry about the set back.
I have never been to a gun show in my life but like the gun show loop hole.  My view is the same thing that allows them to sell is what allows me to buy or sell with my neibor and freinds.

I reilize this has nothing to do with police scanning lisence plate but just wanted to be on record that I like not having oversite on my buying and selling.
THE 2ND AMENDMENT / Re: Why Grandpa carries a gun: PS. I'm grandpa
« Last post by Psparr on Today at 12:49:49 PM »
Acebird you are completely misguided when you state that the second amendment has no bearing on the protection of its citizens against its own government.


The founders came from a tyrannical government and knew ours could very well follow that same path. Hence the second amendment.

Please watch this video. It's humorous but also very informative.
The jury is still out on the confinement, I'm hoping there wasn't any long term damage to the hives. I need to take off the screened top covers next.
THE 2ND AMENDMENT / Re: Why Grandpa carries a gun: PS. I'm grandpa
« Last post by gww on Today at 12:30:41 PM »
If I was worried for some reason, I would carry a gun wether leagal or not.  This being the case, I would rather laws not be made that make me illiegal.  If the govenrment decided to take me on, I would lose because my gun is not as big as their gun and they use my money to buy their gun and so can get the best.  They are also more organized then an antisocial hermit can be.

I have not bought a new gun since they made waiting periods and registration and back ground checks.  It is not that I could not pass a back ground check but more that I am too lazy to mess with all the hassel.  I am hopeing they don't pass laws that don't allow me to buy or sell or trade guns only with government involvement cause then I will be a criminal in just one more fassion where I am not one now cause in the end I will do what I want although not in as open of a fassion as I do now.

I agree that police can not protect people but are more of a pick up the peices and try for justice after the fact type of justice type service.  It has to be this way in an innocent untill proven guilty type of sociaty.   I don't think I will win in a confrontation with a criminal just cause I have a gun.  The criminal gets to pick when and how far he is willing to go before he commits his act and since my goal is to be nice and cause no harm, I would already be at a dissadvantage because I would want to be sure I was doing the right thing.  I still like to keep my guns for the one time that they might help.

I don't believe in trigger lock laws and safe laws and it is not imposible that my grandkids could reach where a gun might be.  If there was an accidental shooting I would hate myself forever but like all things in a free sociaty, I decide the risk to benefits of my acctions and then trust for it to work out.

There are bad poeple out there and they do not care about laws and if they steal my gun and use it badly there is no real protection from them.  They could have been a pedifile and stole my child.  Bad people are bad no matter what the rules.  I just don't want to be a bad person also because I feel the need at times to protect myself.   And I would be a bad person if the law made me one if I was scared enough that I felt I needed to be.  I have gotten drawn into stressful situations before.  One time at midnite a girl knocked on my door and said her boyfriend threw her out of his truck.  I didn't know what his feelings were but knew I was in the middle of it though no fault of my own.  It was nice to have a 1911 45 cal that pit perfectly in the pit of my back.  I thank god that no situation has ever drew me in so far that I have to live with the consiquences of either using the gun or losing cause I didn't use it.  But I do reconize stuff happens and know I mostly want to do good and feel I shouldn't be made a criminal when I make desissions that I see no other choice but to make.

I don't pretent to have answers on how to handle those who are motivated to do bad.  I think to live in a sociaty of freedom that it brings risk but is worth it.  I believe on the police that are killing citizens the same thing that ace mentioned with proabition in the 20s is also causing the same types of problims proabition on drugs cause today.

Cop don't need to hit a house at midnite and use flash bombs so they can serve a drug inforcement warrent.  I remember growing up and having 2 police in my town and one cop car and the cops would walk dow mainstreet and check buisness doors.  The population is close today to what it was then but we now probly have 10 cops and 6 cars.  You tell me what might be a real problim and which caused which.  Was it that people got that much worse or that having that many cops sorta causes a war.

I don't know but know when we only had two cops it didn't seem that bad out there.

The whole "gun show loophole" and selling guns to anybody online is directed at the stupid.  For living in the age of information, I have never seen so many uninformed in my life!

I don't know any gun show that doesn't have security including video.  If there were to be a problem the police could subpoena  the video.  This request is intended to intimidate. 
THE 2ND AMENDMENT / Re: Why Grandpa carries a gun: PS. I'm grandpa
« Last post by kathyp on Today at 12:24:06 PM »
The second amendment has no bearing on the protection of its citizens against our own government.  It is simply a privilege for law abiding citizens to own a fire arm (not a war machine).  The privilege is taken away when the citizen becomes a criminal.  Unfortunately when there are no controls or not enough controls policing the criminals so they don't get firearms becomes impossible.  That is where we are now.

First, it is not a privilege, it is a right.  It can be revoked under certain circumstances, as can any right.

England doesn't have cases where cops shoot unarmed citizens because the street cop doesn't carry a gun.

England also has had cases where they could not respond rapidly to a nut with a gun because they had no armed police.  yes, nuts get guns in England....

Do you honestly believe you can defend yourself against the evils of the world without some form of government force?  Are we civilized or are we not?

Civilization can depend on a number of things.  1. would be a shared moral/belief code.  We no longer have that.  It can also depend on government force.  We are getting more of that. 
While I am happy to pay for police, my safety does not depend on them.  They respond after an event.  My safety depends on those around me being civilized and following the laws, whether they be laws by the government or the laws of our shared moral code.  Since we know that people don't follow the laws and we know that police respond to what has already happened, I must be prepared to fill in that gap by being able to protect myself.

If our government wants to wage war on the citizens of the United States it is not going to be a gun battle, it is going to be a massacre like Syria.

Perhaps, but they will face one heck of an insurgency, won't they? 

You point out that the problem is with the criminals.  If I have a whole war arsenal in my safe and I am not a criminal, what difference does my arsenal make to you?  If I am a criminal, the law already says I can't be armed...but I ignore the law....because I am a criminal and don't care what it says.

Never seen it in any of my readings but I will be following this thread with interest
THE 2ND AMENDMENT / Re: Why Grandpa carries a gun: PS. I'm grandpa
« Last post by Michael Bush on Today at 11:57:32 AM »
>We had a system of everybody wielding a gun in this country (the wild, wild, west).  That era wasn't so grand for some people and it was far from a low crime rate.

Quite simply not true.  It was one of the most peaceful times of our history.  People didn't lock their doors.  Crime was rare.  Western movies need a bad guy, so the screen writers  invent them.

THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: uninspected end of my season.
« Last post by gww on Today at 11:35:50 AM »
Dissapointing news darn it.
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