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I have tentnitus but that's going a little bit to far to find out what it's like to have ringing inthe ear.

 :shocked: :shocked: :tongue:


or maybe it thought it was the easer way to get wax?
Next time when your mother says clean the wax out of your ears you will do it.  LOL  The bee thought she was right at home!
That is funny
Oh my goodness! Glad you were able to get her out.
Bummer on the damage and bummer on the death, I am glad you came out ok though.
Next time when your mother says clean the wax out of your ears you will do it.  LOL  The bee thought she was right at home!
GENERAL BEEKEEPING - MAIN POSTING FORUM. / Re: Swarm traps - best method?
« Last post by Duane on Today at 09:05:39 AM »
Yes, I've seen them too.  But it's one thing to force bees in a box, and another for them to choose it.  There needs to be some tests, like robo's on the box size, showing no difference between a fixed box and a swinging box.

Provided one has trees, I think it would be very easy to rig a pulley system, raise the box up, catch the bees, lower it and transfer the frames and raise it back up.  A lot easier than figuring out how to lower it down while standing 10-15 feet on a ladder.

I had on figuring something out with pulleys even if I fastened it to a tree.  Then I thought, why not leave it on the pulley and not have to worry about climbing a ladder when I caught the bees.  You could make it self leveling and be able to gently lower it without banging them around in the box as I would imagine climbing down a 10 foot ladder struggling to hang on to a box.  Or accidentally dropping it!  I tried to imagine tying a rope around it and lowering it from the top of the ladder, but could imagine all sorts of things to go wrong, besides trying to keep it mostly upright.
Now that's a sensation I hope I never experience!

Glad it worked out ok for you.
DOWN UNDER BEEKEEPING / Re: Split in trouble
« Last post by Sydney guy on Today at 05:38:24 AM »
Hey Acebird,
They have access to a lot of water with a dam like 100-200 metres away, the other hive have been bringing in plenty of pollen from blackthorn which is in flower. So i didn't think they would be hungry. Both hives now ove r the past 24 hours they havd been given about a litre of sugar syrup each so they should have a lot stored. I will also give them another 500ml on Wednesday evening. When should the queen lay again?

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GENERAL BEEKEEPING - MAIN POSTING FORUM. / Experience not to be repeated
« Last post by 220 on Today at 04:10:15 AM »
Thought I would try to sweep up the bees that hadn't found their way into the hive from the tree cut out a few days ago.
All was going well until I had a buzzing right beside my ear, before I could get away and remove my suit hood the bee went straight into my ear. Buzzing got louder and louder the deeper it went and quite painful when Im guessing it was against the eardrum. By this stage I was in a bit of a panic, ripped the hood off and asked my mother who had been sitting watching 20m away if she could see it. No such luck it had crawled right in, not knowing what else to do I grabbed a bottle of water and asked her to tip in in my ear. The water immediately dropped the volume considerably, not sure if it was simple because water doesn't conduct sound as well as air or the wet bee wasn't buzzing as intensely.
Didn't drive the bee out so seeing it was only a mile back to the house and 2 miles from there to the local hospital thought it would be the best option. Fired up the old truck and had only backed a few yards when I felt the bee start to back out 10 sec later it had backed out far enough for mum to grab it before it had a chance to change its mind.

Have been over the suit top to bottom and can not find a hole anywhere, zippers were all fully closed. I think the bee must have been in the suit when I put it on. I dumped it in the back of the truck yesterday and did notice a few bees around my gloves before I shook them off and put the suit away. May well have folded the suit up with a bee inside and didn't inspect before putting it on today. Went back and brushed up another pan of bees but decided I had had enough beekeeping for one day. 
DOWN UNDER BEEKEEPING / Re: What's flowering: Queensland
« Last post by Kevcook on Today at 03:05:24 AM »
I live in a valley pretty much surrounded by native trees as far as I can see, the apple gum finished flowering a week ago and now there are heaps of iron bark in fill bloom.

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