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I don't have a clearer picture but I just went and looked and the plant is still loaded with bees.
Flyboy, I invest in different kinds of medical companies, among them pharmaceutical companies.  I keep a pretty close eye on what and how they do things.  I know what it costs and how long it takes to bring a drug to market, and how many (most) are rejected or held up by the FDA.  One drug may cost billions to go through the process and 10 others that have cost millions in development will be turned down.
Ah so since you invest in them, you have a vested interest in, or a horse in this race. I understand why you are so interested in this discussion.

Fact of the matter is that he who has the gold makes the rules, and ever since the Rockefellas and Carnegies etc took over the drug business back in the early 1900's, (by amoungst other things shutting down most of the medical schools at the time) after he was slowed down by the government in his monopolistic activities in the oil business, he turned his attention to the drug business which he had learned from his father (who was a carnival barker that sold petroleum as a cure for all disease) that there was lots of gold in them thar hills. Drug hills that is.

So he set up another monopoly, but since he learned from the oil business about how he looked bad in the public eye, he did a better and more quiet job of running the monopoly. Then he used his money to buy politicians and create the FDA as a government enforcement arm of his new monopoly. This kind of thing is easy to do. Bush did it with Homeland Security which is just a scam like Kings and Queens have used since forever to control the populace. Caesar et al did it, ad nauseum.

Read "The Prince" by Machiavelli, which is a manual for how to keep the natives in line or "Getting their minds right". Here's a free download of it: http://www.constitution.org/mac/prince00.htm

So the deal is that they make the rules and make it ridiculously expensive to certify drugs, so most companies cannot afford it. But not a problem for the big dawgs, because it's like Hollywood, in that if you get a winner you need a  supertanker to carry the dinero.

As far as "rejected and being held up by the FDA" one must look at cases like Aspartame which was rejected by the FDA as not safe etc. but then when Good ole Donald Rumsfield (Searle chairman, Searle holds the patent on Aspartame) played the government game by appointing PPL who were obviously beholden to and invested in the decision... and bingo, dispite the science that showed Aspartame to be bad news, it was approved. The Gov. we love.


BTW I have a friend who is an addict of Pepsi and is now legally blind, cannot walk and is basically a basket case. These symptoms are all the stuff mentioned in the science and public testimony about spurious neuological/cerebral damage. Basically, it literally rots the brain leaving holes behind. Read Daniel Amen's books on the brain.
It is your choice whether you take a thing or not.
That is a fascinating statement.

Most PPL know nothing about science, government, the things that the wealthy do to to milk them of their money. They might guess it, but PPL generally accept and believe that FDA doesn't mean "Fear and Death Aministration".

So when they go to a Doc and the Doc gives them a drug and then another, they guess that the Doc gave them something that has  "Evidence based Science" behind it. They have no idea that drugs are well known (if you know how to look online or get hold of the package insert on drugs, that you have to have an electron microscope to read) to never have been tested for their reactions with other drugs, so they blithely take it and fall dead, or worse, become an invalid leaving behind spouses, children and so forth to pick up the pieces. Here they paid taxes (4.36 billion dollars) to support this monolithic corrupt institution and it effectively failed them as it does to enough PPL to annually amount to being the third largest killer in the US. Some PPL argue the largest killer in the country.

For the record I have been told by an MD that most MDs do not even read package inserts, but just swallow what drug reps (who are just high paid salespeople) feed them.
Having that thing available for the person who chooses it is as important as your right to reject it.

Woowee, now there's a good one. Open the floodgates. Lets put heroin in candy for kiddies, maybe kiddy porn at the corner store. Kathy said so. Coca Cola after all did have cocaine in it up to the early 1900's. Women's makeup had lead in which of course caused serious neurolgical issues.
Some of the sites you use for info are off the wall.  Check your info sources.  Mercola is a fruit loop...just to name one....
That is totally lame. Mercola is probably one of the most visited/trusted sites on the net. He obviously doesn't fit into your investment portfolio, (and probably your carreer path) so I see why you made that statement. You just make a statement with no proof and everyone is supposed to accept it. Sounds like a religion. I suppose the N Y Times is a frootloop paper also? Actually what I have said is often from JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) and the Allopathic websites. Maybe do some reading outside the company line. Might save your life.
GARDENING AROUND THE HOUSE / Re: Alpine Strawberries
« Last post by Rurification on Today at 02:15:53 PM »
Well, that's a good question:

Rurification do they berries seed themselves like a normal strawberry? I have some netting I can put up to protect them

Mine spread by root crown cluster, so each plant has a couple of new crowns every spring and some crowns don't come back.   I've maintained mine for 7 years.   They like well drained soil and plenty of water [but not sitting in wet.]   I got my original crowns from a local garden center.   I don't baby them.   I put mine as an edging in a bed that is surrounded by a very short stack of limestone creek rock.   

I'll try to attach a pic....

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DM63, no one size fits all. I agree with that. The post is generalized. I, too, have friends of all races and nationalities, and most all of them believe Trump is the better of the two bads.
If you don't vote for Trump then you indirectly like the way this country is going and the many freedoms we are loosing.

Under Hillary;

No guns
No real internet
No cash
No property rights
Forced relocation to cities (zero population/Soros crowd) is agenda 21 what they call it?
Controlled/Limited mileage on vehicles
UN patrolling our streets
Supreme court justices who hate the constitution

civil war?

Now tell me, she wouldn't never do anything like that. Is Trump the Messiah? Why heck no, but we honestly don't have another real choice.

Hi Matt J,

  These will work on any bottom board but the entrance must be below the Neverwet coated flanges. The coated flanges keep the Hive Beetle from crawling up the inside of your hive.
I am not sure about the beetle prevention in these hives!They don't have small hive beetles in Solovia so the only try to prevent mites from entering.I am going to Brian Debbers later this next month to see his hives which he is building.He  is located in Georgia close to Adairsville just off Interstate 75 which is 150 miles from my place.I am sure he has designed it to try to prevent the beetles from entering!
I think this is a great way for folks who have less than 20 hives.
I am going all out on it and building a small bee hive building.I think I can build the hives my self since I am a Old wood Butcher.I would like to see some and go from there.
I got out yesterday evening before dark and roughly staked the building out.
all my hives have a top and bottom entrances.  Last year I had one colony that used the top about 90%, another colony used it about 10%, and the 3rd ignored it, except to place a couple guards, and used the bottom exclusively.

This year, the same setup and only 1 colony uses the top hole about 10%, the others use only the bottom entrance.
GREETINGS/TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF / Re: Hello from Athens and London
« Last post by beenotes on Today at 11:41:47 AM »
Hi Sawdstmakr,

thank you for the welcome. There is interest in the beenotes app by beekeepers. We have quite a large number of beta users in Greece and now gathering several more from other countries. Our recognition rate is now up to 90% both for English and Greek and we're focusing on the further development of data analysis, now that we're gathering more data. Also, have some new requests on the implementation of the Pollination requests service.

Have you had the chance to try it out? Would like your feedback. Join at www.beenotes.com

Thank you

Welcome to Beemaster.
I have heard of this program. How is it working out?
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