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 on: Today at 06:44:56 PM 
Started by GSF - Last post by GSF

Boudreaux, the smoothest talking Cajun in the Louisiana National Guard, got called up to active duty. His first assignment was in a military induction center, and because he was a good talker they assigned him the duty of advising new recruits about government benefits, especially the GI insurance to which they were entitled.

 The officer in charge soon noticed that Boudreaux was getting a 99% sign-up rate for the more expensive supplemental form of GI insurance. This was remarkable because it cost these low-income recruits $30 per month for the higher coverage, compared to what the government was already providing at no charge.

 The officer decided he'd sit in the back of the room at the next briefing and observe Boudreaux's sales pitch.

 Boudreaux stood up before the latest group of inductees and said, "If you has da normal GI insurance and you goes to Afghanistan and gets youself killed, da governmen' pays you benefishery $20,000. If you takes out da supplemental insurans, which cost you only tirty dollars a munt, den da governmen gots to pay you benefishery $400,000!"

 "Now," Boudreaux concluded, "which folks do you tink dey gonna send to Afghanistan first?"


 on: Today at 06:42:37 PM 
Started by Keith13 - Last post by sterling
Was anybody prosecuted for the violence in the wake of Rodney King? Just asking cause I don't remember.
Wonder what the Feds and the news media would do if the Tea Party accidently caught a pizza hut on fire during a protest.

 on: Today at 06:34:02 PM 
Started by Eric Bosworth - Last post by sterling
Ohhhhh Noooooo

Just had a T-Beek flashback  evil

I miss Tbeek. He had a different view.
If he had been a little more mellow he'd still be here. angel
He had a different view is an understatement. Problem was most of it didn't make sense I dunno Even Forrest Gump made more intelligent statements.

 on: Today at 06:23:29 PM 
Started by 10framer - Last post by 10framer
don, even the plain old 91-30 mosins are going for 150-200 around here.  there was a time when you could get one for about 60 dollars at any gun shop.  there used to be a lot of mausers floating around the pawn shops in columbus for next to nothing too.  then again, i remember a '70 or '71 cuda being on a tote the note lot for about 2000.00 dollars and chevelles and early 60's impala supersports for 1000-1500. 

 on: Today at 06:18:15 PM 
Started by Eric Bosworth - Last post by hjon71
Btw....did you read it?

"People do not argue with the teaching of George, they simply do not know it. And it is impossible to do other-wise with his teaching, for he who becomes acquainted with it cannot but agree..." Leo Tolstoy

"No man, no graduate of a higher education institution, has a right to regard himself as an educated man in social thought unless he has some firsthand acquaintance with the theoretical contribution of this great American thinker." John Dewey

"No one should be allowed to speak above a whisper or write more than ten words on the general subject (economics) unless he has read and digested Progress and Poverty. John Kieran

 on: Today at 06:15:23 PM 
Started by Eric Bosworth - Last post by hjon71
Ohhhhh Noooooo

Just had a T-Beek flashback  evil

I miss Tbeek. He had a different view.
If he had been a little more mellow he'd still be here. angel

 on: Today at 05:19:08 PM 
Started by 10framer - Last post by don2
I have three I would sale, but it will be hard to find anyone who will pay what I am asking. Although it is less than what I have seen advertised. d2

 on: Today at 05:16:09 PM 
Started by charliesnike - Last post by Eric Bosworth
I have not seen any mites on my bees. I don't use foundation.

 on: Today at 04:56:51 PM 
Started by danno - Last post by Michael Bush
My old tractor is a Belarus...  I sure do love the new one with the hydrostatic transmission...

 on: Today at 04:55:33 PM 
Started by 10framer - Last post by Michael Bush
I had a .303 at one time.  It was a nice gun.  Shot straight.  Hit hard.  Not very flat shooting and difficult/expensive to put a scope on...

Several of my 6.5s are Ackley Improved.  With a very slow powder and some handloading you can get amazing ballistics.

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