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« Last post by Hops Brewster on Today at 11:23:19 AM »
Some queen cages have only one hole, instead of one at each end.  In fact, I've never even seen the 2-hole variety.

A marshmallow will work fine.  What I do is hold the qc in my left hand with a marshmallow held in my thumb and forefinger ready to stuff into the hole.  I shake the queen down to the bottom of the qc while my right hand takes the cork out with a small pair of needle nose pliers, and I quickly stuff the marshmallow into the hole before the queen comes back up.  The first couple times I did this, it was a race to plug the hole before the queen got out, but now it's quick and easy.  Haven't had a queen fly off yet using this technique.
« Last post by sc-bee on Today at 11:05:51 AM »
I had no idea the JZ BZ cage had a break away at the bottom to release workers. So exactly how does this work? Once you break away and release the workers do you have to plug the hole to keep workers in the hive from entering the cage? Or a few workers entering from the outside would not be an issue? Not sure I understand the function...

The impregnated with queen pheromone for acceptance thing I think I would have to throw the flag on.... :wink:
« Last post by 10framer on Today at 10:56:03 AM »
5 days is enough
« Last post by Acebird on Today at 10:03:56 AM »
No matter what your political affiliation is.........all this distraction makes this country appear weak.

I like the analogy.........wanting the President to fail is like getting on the plane and once in the seat, hoping the pilot crashes.

Not quite.  It is like getting a drunken pilot off the controls so the co pilot can take over.

The US is nothing without the rest of the world backing our decisions.  Going it alone is a recipe for failure.  We have already failed. Time to fix that.
GARDENING AROUND THE HOUSE / Re: Favorite Type of Tomato
« Last post by Acebird on Today at 10:01:06 AM »
I use a lot of tomato paste and sauce though.

Same here.  You want Roma's for that.
GENERAL BEEKEEPING - MAIN POSTING FORUM. / Re: Reusing wax moth frames
« Last post by Acebird on Today at 09:56:24 AM »
I scrape them off and put them back in the hives... no reason to burn anything unless you are dealing with AFB.

What about a mouse nest and urine?  Is that reusable?
Home-brewing beer (including growing my own hops) and making mead and sometimes wine, although these have had to go to the back burner, due to doctor's orders.

I also very much enjoy hunting  (I ain't supposed to eat meat, either. shhh, don't tell him.. what he doesn't know won't hurt him),  also shooting and reloading.  Venison or pheasants that's been harvested with your own hand loads tastes better. ...And too much television.

Did the doctor tell you to turn off the TV?  Wild game has none of the bad health effects of domestic meats unless they get into a corn field.  Beekeeping is probably the worst hobby to get into if you have a bad back or diabetes.  Although if you are mindful of both problems it could be good for you because of the exercise.

I don't fish enough to call it a hobby and I never hunt.  Basically my hobbies are limited to work, gardening, and bees.

I love to fish but it has to take a back seat to my other hobbies because it is not as important to me as them. I also am a very devout Christian and usually do a couple of church things per week.
Amateur radio (my username is my call sign) like Hops Brewster exception I am active.

  I have several friends with NO hobby whatsoever, if you don't count on-line video games. My 85 year old neighbor accross the street is in her yard EVERY DAY, that is her hobby. When shes' done with he yard, come hops over to mine and starts pulling weeds!  :smile:


Can I give your neighbor my address?
GARDENING AROUND THE HOUSE / Re: Favorite Type of Tomato
« Last post by bwallace23350 on Today at 09:40:13 AM »
I am not in to green fried tomatoes.  I am not much of a tomato  eater because it has to come out of the garden so that maybe 3 weeks out of the year.

I don't often eat tomatoes out of season but fortunately my tomato season will last a couple months. I also don't eat fried green tomatoes but I am kinda weird like that. A lot of people love them where I am. I use a lot of tomato paste and sauce though.
HONEYBEE REMOVAL / Re: Bee removal help... continued with visual..
« Last post by Acebird on Today at 09:23:38 AM »
I think I would drill a 1" hole with a hole saw about 10" above the concrete and shove the bottom end of a bucket in the top of the pipe to seal it off and get them to use the hole.  Then I would place hive boxes next to the hole with drawn frames with maybe a queen lure.  Now get a bucket smaller then the pipe and pour in a bee repellent.  Tie a string to the handle so you can pull it out later.  lower it down as far as it will go and seal off the top again.  Wait for the bees to take up residence in the new hive.  Then seal up the 1" hole when they are using the new hive.  This may require adding a queen.
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