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« Last post by Acebird on Today at 02:35:13 PM »
My opinion, 100 or so bees isn't worth do anything even in the middle of a heavy flow.  If they somehow survive it will take the whole season to try and fill a deep.
My guess for joe is that the FG plastic means food grade.

Oh, OK, chances are the plastic drum isn't.
THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: This sums it up nicely.
« Last post by Acebird on Today at 02:21:41 PM »
Oh yeah, Palin and Trump have the same IQ.  I'm surprised he doesn't claim he is going to keep an eye on the Russians by looking at them out his dining room window at the top of the Trump Tower.

I don't know what a bathhouse Barry is.
THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: This sums it up nicely.
« Last post by Psparr on Today at 02:00:10 PM »
What we believe or someone else believes shouldn't carry any weight over the constitution. Our country has gotten so far from it, it's no wonder opinion matters so much.
THE CONSTITUTION / Re: The new beginning starts now.
« Last post by iddee on Today at 01:05:31 PM »
My thoughts are:  We have a President for the first time in 24 years.
Update:  There are still survivors!  The freakishly warm temps in the 70's this week have brought some activity.  No way of knowing yet whether I have a queen or how many will make it, but I'm glad I didn't rush to clean out my hive.  It had previously appeared that the last 100 or so bees had died in their cluster, but I did not disturb their bodies.  I'll be amazed if they are able to survive the next couple of months in such small numbers.  I am tempted to consolidate into a single deep.  Would anyone care to advise me on whether or not this would be more harmful than helpful at this point?
THE CONSTITUTION / The new beginning starts now.
« Last post by divemaster1963 on Today at 12:58:16 PM »
I am now watching with hope for a new begining as the vice pres and the president trump take their oath of office. I hopping that our country will now start to follow the consitution that our for fathers wrote and work for the people and not for their own personal benifits.

just my thoughts.

Whats yours as you watch this happening

« Last post by paus on Today at 12:24:03 PM »
I do not have the cold problem but I really don't want to bother the bees.  I wrote about a bore-scope to use in cut outs so that you can see the bees on a small screen or a laptop.  I bought one for less than $60 , If you really want see inside without disturbing the bees get one of these It can be used for lots of other things.  My bees are really flying this AM 64 degrees some flowers are blooming, mostly henbit.  Planning time is over time to work now. Lots of luck.
THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: This sums it up nicely.
« Last post by gww on Today at 12:02:26 PM »
I voted for obama over romney.  I am glad that he was not successful with the gun regulation he was trying to pass but over all I don't think that vote was a mistake.  I don't mind supporting trump on the issues he takes that I like and I don't mind being against him on the issues he takes that I don't like.  I am never sure that a devided nation is bad.  It is the utimate checks and balances.  Now with the republicans haveing a majority every where, I am betting that in two years there will be a major correction in the voting to get back to that devided state. 

As far as actors takeing positions on things other then acting.  I don't mind.  If they are taking a position on something I agree with, my respect for that actor goes up a bit.  If he supports something I don't like, then my respect goes down.  One thing for sure, I have a little respect for those who don't hide but put themselve out for what they believe.  Not so much respect that it makes me change the things I believe in.

Get yourself a stethoscope and remove the round end. You can stick the tubes into the entrances and hear their buzzing.

Last winter I was too scared to do anything to them. This winter, I did open them a week ago or so. It was in the low 30's, no wind and sunshine. I have the Mt. Camp on top, so I took a long stick and stuck it into the upper entrance to feel the sugar. On two hives it felt like there was not much left, so those are the ones I opened. I'm glad I did, too. They had consumed quite a bit of it. I just lifted the lid a bit to peek and slip in a sugar brick. It was really cool to see them!
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