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FARMING & COUNTRY LIFE / Re: better harvest
« Last post by don2 on Today at 05:56:15 PM »
I have dismissed head aces by telling them they had no place there. they soon left. more than a few times. d2
REQUEENING & RAISING NEW QUEENS / Re: Open mated Cordovan Italian Queens
« Last post by don2 on Today at 05:44:23 PM »
If you live in an area where there are Ferrell bees, you will get a cross from what ever the dominant race is in your area, whether it is yours or the Ferrell bees. d2
Candiebears, be patient. give them a few days before you go in the hive again. By then if these are eggs Kathyp and I saw then you should be able to see the larvae. They grow fast once hatched. I would wager when you do see the queen you probably will
not be looking for her.  d2 

Those young queens are also good about running and hiding.
« Last post by johng on Today at 05:32:00 PM »
I grafted a round of queens early this past spring and it took the queens almost three weeks before they finally got mated. They mated about the same time as the queens that I grafted two weeks after the first round. But, they did mate and most of them are doing just fine. Now I did have a few that were superseded probably because of the poor mating weather. But, all in all mother nature found a way to get it done and they will be getting their first super this week. 
« Last post by kathyp on Today at 05:28:09 PM »
I really love it when people post pictures with their questions.  We all learn from both.   suggestions for the pictures:  1. make sure you are taking pictures of the bottom of the cells.  remember that the cells are angled.  2. be sure that the pictures are close up so that we can see what is in the bottom of the cells.  3.  be sure the pictures are focused.

Take lots.  post as many as you want.  Just remember that the pictures have to help us answer your question, so if you want to know if a thing is an egg, but you have taken pictures that don't let us see into those cells, we can't help   :wink:
since you spot the queen and I spot the eggs on the same frame.....

I did see what looked like some eggs in more than one frame, if it was not a light reflection.d2
could be, but I also enlarged that pic, and in the empty black cells are eggs.  try right click and open in a new tab.  tell me if you see them  :-D
Kathyp, the middle row, second pic from the bottom. right top of the frame. looks like a young queen that hasn't developed a large abdomen. I am judging this bee by her slim tapered abdomen. d2
Maybe they were originally drone cells and the bees built them up to get them back to worker sized cells after the drone rush. Usually they would just use them for honey storage in my brief experience, but maybe they had other Ideas if it was near  the center of the broodnest. G
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