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Based upon Doolittle's conclusions, if one uses foundation or drawn combs, at least at certain times, they are wasting resources!   It would be like growing tomatoes and then not picking them.   So conserve resources, don't waste wax, go foundationless! :wink:

   Or at least always make sure they have some foundation to draw when there is a flow in progress.
I opted for Kreg Pocket holes/screws. I use two bar clamps to hold them for the screwing part. I use 5 screws for Deeps and 4 for honey supers.

I may try using glue also but thus far just the screws.

I tried to post a pic but my pic files were too big.
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Don't ask me how to pronounce it, but this is a good flick about artificial intelligence.  A coder working for a giant tech company "wins" a week at the owner's retreat, where he's asked to judge whether a "woman" built by the powerful owner meets the definitions of AI.  Nothing is as it seems and the plot gets very thick.

Gorgeous Norwegian scenery.  Good acting. 
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I have long hives that I am constantly expanding the brood nest.

Be careful with this.  I was doing this too with the intent of avoiding swarms and getting comb drawn.  It worked until they decided the brood nest was too big and swarmed themselves to death.  Their last queen did not emerge and they moved into an overnight SHB death before the I got another laying queen in there.

Not only did I loose the hive, I had just borrowed an extractor and discovered the loss when I went out to pull frames.  The things ruined a full super of honey!  :cry:

I suppose if we don't make rookie mistakes then we're no longer a rookie, but I can't claim that yet.
Look at the video title and do a search on the internet.  It comes right up.

I had the same idea and, of course, someone had already done it.  I decided they were too expensive.
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Went in the hive yesterday and the queen is out and laying a few eggs in the little comb they have drawn. Good! However, there was only maybe a double handful of bees with her. I think a lot of the original package may have drifted to my other hive. I made sure they had plenty of syrup (both hives) and there was bees flying in and out. No fighting at the entrance but I made that very small.. I worry about getting the population up in time for winter but only time will tell. I moved them out of the 10 frame medium and into a 5 frame nuc for now. I checked on it again a few minutes ago and bees were flying in and out so I guess the nuc transfer went OK.
Can any one advise me as to where I can buy these corner brackets for joining new boxes together as seen in this YouTube video please.

Thank you.

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Oh and do the clear hose and valve thing over to the breakfast nook. It'll be a great conversation starter... nobody needs to know about the gallon jug up in the top.  :cheesy:
It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to realize that our drug policies are an abysmal failure. It also shouldn't take a rocket scientist to realize that our fiscal irresponsibility and lack of constitutional gold/silver money is also destroying this country. The countless wars/occupation of our military doesn't help either.

The graph at 2:10 of this video says it all.

In 2012 I voted for Gary Johnson. I don't see anybody who has entered the race so far that has said much about the real issues here. There is a pretty simple fix to the vast majority of our countries problems... It involves limiting the role of government.

I try to avoid New Jersey. I don't know that much about Christy... I doubt he could be as bad as Cuomo. Not that that takes much.
I do have to agree that this report was a lot better than much of what gets reported. I should give the reporter a bit of a break.

Many reporters however are a little less than honest... The Duke Lacrosse team incident and the more recent example being the rolling stone rape story. A more local example of that is this report of school funding in Broome County New Yuck. http://www.wbng.com/news/local/State-aid-reaching-wealthy-districts-but-not-struggling-ones-309433551.html My wife teaches at Deposit. The school they claim is the 5th richest in the county. They have over 90% of their students on free and reduced lunch. The numbers are skewed because of a large amount of unused acreage that is owned by New York City for the Cannonsville Reservoir. The Deposit superintendent did call the station and supposedly the reporter is planning to come talk and maybe do a follow up story.
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