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« Last post by Kenmac on Today at 03:06:52 AM »
Thank you. I have 3 Hives and will do a split to make 4 come Spring. Extracted 12.25 kg last Monday and that will do until the Spring flow
« Last post by Lancej on Today at 02:50:23 AM »
I would think it would have to be irradiated either before coming in or sent straight from customs to be treated.
We call them dinks down here in Alabama, aka duds, aka no honey crop.

I'm with Jim.  Big hives = big honey crops.  Brother Adam made a point of telling exactly why small hives inevitably restrict the queens laying and reduce the honey crop.  If anyone thinks a single 8 frame box has enough room for a productive queen, I'd invite you to take a look inside my square Dadant (Brother Adam) hives with 12 frames of brood.  8 Langstroth frames have roughly 56,000 cells for the queen to lay in.  I'm seeing up to 90,000 cells of brood in the best colonies.  When a queen is laying to her max, she can plop out over 4000 eggs per day.  That only takes a queen 14 days to fill up an 8 frame Langstroth box.
Demaree's method was first presented to the Ohio Beekeepers Convention apparently in 1891.  The paper in its entirety was then published in ABJ April 21sth 1892.  The previous method he published was a method of artificially splitting a colony to prevent swarming.

Of more importance than just the Demaree method, what he did is pushed beekeepers to use a double Langstroth as a brood chamber.  This dramatically increased space for the queen to lay and as a result swarming was also reduced and honey production significantly increased.  At the time, small brood chambers and small hives of bees were in vogue.
GENERAL BEEKEEPING - MAIN POSTING FORUM. / Re: Guess what? I caught a swarm!
« Last post by cao on Today at 12:23:46 AM »
I had one old frame that had some honey in it. They ate all that! I reset it and will try again
If there is honey on the comb that you have in your trap is was probably a bunch of foragers having a feeding frenzy.  If they are there during the day and leave at night is a good indication that that is what is happening.
I just use a hat and veil so I have no experience but, as hot as I get in t-shirt and shorts, I would spend the money on a ventilated jacket.
THE 2ND AMENDMENT / Mildew on wooden Stock
« Last post by ambishop on Today at 12:02:22 AM »
Does anyone know a good method to get mildew from building up on wooden stocks.  I was thinking a standard wood oil, but really do not want things to get slippery.

thanks for the advice
I have been looking at getting a new Beekeeping Suit and wanted to get feedback on if people thought the Ventilated Suit was worth the extra expense.

I have looked at Ultra Breeze Suits but they are pretty expensive http://www.ultrabreezesuits.com/shop/product.php?s=ultra-breeze-jumpsuit

and I have looked at Cotton/Polyester Suits which are much cheaper https://www.dadant.com/catalog/clothing/v01230m-cricket-style-hat-veil-suit-medium

However, doing an internet search I have found some Ventilated suits for almost the same price as the cotton and now am debating going with vented.

This shop price is much better compared to Ultra Breeze for a similar product

I would love some advice from others who have tried any of those options.


« Last post by Samson 888 on May 29, 2017, 11:54:40 PM »
Yupped my thoughts as well.
Which is why i tried to source it locally first.
But my new European friend knew exactly what I wanted and why I wanted it and sold it to me with out any fuss. I guess it's because it's more common a use there.  I wonder how many croissants my $200AUD will buy him. .. probably not many ha ha
REQUEENING & RAISING NEW QUEENS / Re: Problem requeening
« Last post by wvbeeguy on May 29, 2017, 11:53:37 PM »
The bees will build and tear down queen cups.  I try not to destroy any queen cell or cup.  They all have their purpose.  They may have been trying to supercede her.  Usually if you destroy them and they want they they will just build more.  If you see a queen cup, make a note of which frame it is on and check back a week later.  It will either be capped or gone.

Thank you. Another mistake I will avoid nest year. The learning is always an ongoing process and thanks to people like you I won't make the same mistake twice. Now my next question is "what is they keep building queen cups to supercede her?" Should I cage her up and put her in another hive I have 2 that are currently queenless....? I am honestly lost at what to do at this point. One hive is a swarm capure that has no queen (no eggs or larva for over a week and a half now they have queen cells from a colony I gave them a frame of eggs) I don't want to lose this queen mostly cause she cost me money....but also just cause....*insert another reason here*
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