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THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: Press Conference
« Last post by sawdstmakr on Today at 01:18:24 PM »
Just more media garbage. If the media says so, it must be true.
Glad you're OK.
My first year, I had a bee land on my head, crawled down to and into my ear, came out and crawled across my cheek and on my lips, all the while I am expecting to bee stung. I finally gave it a blast of air from my mouth and off it went.
I have several traps hanging from pulleys. The trick is to add a string to the back of the hive and anchor it to the tree to keep it from spinning around. The bees do not mind it moving around a little but they get confused when it swings wildly.
I have tentnitus but that's going a little bit to far to find out what it's like to have ringing inthe ear.

 :shocked: :shocked: :tongue:


or maybe it thought it was the easer way to get wax?
Next time when your mother says clean the wax out of your ears you will do it.  LOL  The bee thought she was right at home!
That is funny
Oh my goodness! Glad you were able to get her out.
Bummer on the damage and bummer on the death, I am glad you came out ok though.
Next time when your mother says clean the wax out of your ears you will do it.  LOL  The bee thought she was right at home!
GENERAL BEEKEEPING - MAIN POSTING FORUM. / Re: Swarm traps - best method?
« Last post by Duane on Today at 09:05:39 AM »
Yes, I've seen them too.  But it's one thing to force bees in a box, and another for them to choose it.  There needs to be some tests, like robo's on the box size, showing no difference between a fixed box and a swinging box.

Provided one has trees, I think it would be very easy to rig a pulley system, raise the box up, catch the bees, lower it and transfer the frames and raise it back up.  A lot easier than figuring out how to lower it down while standing 10-15 feet on a ladder.

I had on figuring something out with pulleys even if I fastened it to a tree.  Then I thought, why not leave it on the pulley and not have to worry about climbing a ladder when I caught the bees.  You could make it self leveling and be able to gently lower it without banging them around in the box as I would imagine climbing down a 10 foot ladder struggling to hang on to a box.  Or accidentally dropping it!  I tried to imagine tying a rope around it and lowering it from the top of the ladder, but could imagine all sorts of things to go wrong, besides trying to keep it mostly upright.
Now that's a sensation I hope I never experience!

Glad it worked out ok for you.
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