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All I'm doing is collecting the pollen daily and blowing the chafe off with a hair drier.  I then set it on a cookie sheet a for a few days until it's dry.  I then pour it into a 2 gallon zip-lock and put it in the freezer.  Once I need it I put it in 1lb bottles with white caps http://www.betterbee.com/less-than-3lbs/phb1-plastic-honey-bottle-1lb.asp.  I gently tap the bottle to get the pollen to settle and then over fill it so it's slightly over 7oz.  I've got labels already made from my first foray in selling pollen wholesale so I use those.  I know it tastes better fresh but that's not an option for me because of how I go to market.
Neutrality only works if the good guys win or until the bad guys win.  Once a world conqueror has conquered all your neighbors, you will be next.  Look at Venice during Napoleonic times.  They tried to be neutral and got conquered by France, and then Austria and then France and then back to Austria and finally they decided to fight and won their Independence and them joined the Kingdom of Italy.  Had they had the military power they had back in the 1400s or had they made alliances with some of the other Italian states they might have avoided some of that.

The only real advantage to Neutrality, if you have the military might to be an unappealing target, is that you get saved for last.  Do you really think if Germany had not been stopped that they would have respected Switzerland's neutrality after they were done conquering the rest of the world?  Germany respected Switzerland's neutrality because it was convenient at the time to do so.
> Am I correct in assuming that not all of the queens eggs get fertilized?

The eggs are selectively fertilized.  The prevailing theory is that the queen measures the cell with her front legs and that "throws the switch" that causes her to either fertilize or not based on the cell size.  The ones in the worker cells are fertilized and the ones in the drone cells are not.  So you are correct that not all of them are fertilized.  That is by design and not random chance.
If the weather is good enough to ship them Kona ships queens all year around I think.
There are a lot of little nuances that aren't explained in the videos or the books.  Like if you have a paint pen you should blot it first on something... or just how hard can you squeeze a queen without hurting her, or how fast is she.  It's the little details that make things work or not.  Get next year's color.  Mark a thousand drones.  Then do a few workers for good measure (harder and more likely to get stung).  Then use this year's color on the queen.  By now you are confident and all those details like how fast to move or how hard to squeeze or blotting the paint etc. are second nature.
DOWN UNDER BEEKEEPING / Re: Season lengths in Australia?
« Last post by JimW on Today at 09:58:57 AM »
G'day all,
I'm glad this thread is up, as I've been wondering about this myself.

I'm in Sydney and am not sure what to do about my hives. We've had an overall pretty standard winter (some cold stretches some warm). There are gum trees and wattles flowering all over the place. Of my two hives, one is reasonably quiet, but one is really busy.

Being an amateur in my second year, all the reading I've done says to pack the hives down and leave them alone for winter. Ive packed each hive down to two deep brood boxes and haven't opened them up since May.

Because one of the hives is really busy, would it be worth putting a super on? Also want to avoid swarming when spring comes in September.

Just curious,
Its possible I may need to re-queen this cutout I just did....these ladies are downright mean when disturbed...they are fine and you can stand next to the hive all day long and they don't bother you.... but crack the lid for an inspection and smoke them a little and they freak out. I dont want to wait to late to decide and just was wondering how late in the year commercially reared queens are typically available.
Thanks for the info and the link to Haploid. Am I correct in assuming that not all of the queens eggs get fertilized?
Ok, I agree with leaders and followers. However I fail to see why it requires a war to be a leader.

As for Vietnam and communism... I hate to break it to you but communism collapsed under its own weight. It wasn't any war the ended it. It was simply a case of an ideological economic system that simply doesn't work in reality.

As for who would invade the Swiss... Hitler wanted to simply because they were in the way. Their saving grace was their well armed citizenry and probably their mountains make it easier to defend than attack.

I would not deny that Iraq probably did have weapons of mass destruction, I would bet that they were used on their own citizens. I would also bet that they are probably in Syria now. Guess what... They probably still exist and we still don't have control over them. Worse yet is now ISIS is becoming a real force in the region and they will probably get access to them because there is no solid force protecting them. So how is that working for us? I don't deny, Saddam Hussein was a bad guy... But it is not the responsibility of the US the be the police force of the world. If we went after every bad guy in the world we would have to take over the world. Where were we with Pol Pot? He killed lots of his own people too we didn't kill him. What about the guy in North Korea? We haven't gone after him. I find it a bit hypocritical of the US to complain about some tiny country the size of Texas having WMD's when we have nucs that would destroy the planet. It's ok for me but not for thee? Don't get me wrong. I don't want anybody to have WMDs but I think the cat is out of the bag...

I would agree we are not going to like what happens next because our leaders are ineffective morons. We are about to find out. But I would say that as much as I think Obama royally screwed up I have to say that I think he should never should have been in the position to walk away. We never should have been involved in the first place.

« Last post by Seabee8 on Today at 09:10:01 AM »
I didn't practice on a drone. I found a video on YouTube, and followed the example in the video. Picked her up by her wings, she grabbed onto my finger and I used my free hand to mark her.
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