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Author Topic: Transcript of the chat with fatbeeman on 02/01/08  (Read 1418 times)
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« on: February 01, 2008, 10:57:32 PM »

[17:50] <fatbeeman> I could not get ventrilo soft ware
[17:50] <pdmattox> glad you got in here
[17:50] <pdmattox> let me get some more people for you to talk to
[17:50] <fatbeeman> need someone to fix my p/c
[17:51] <pdmattox> i got the same feeling
[17:51] <fatbeeman> the text in here is flashing
[17:51] User mick enters the room Bee Chat.
[17:51] User bud enters the room Bee Chat.
[17:52] <pdmattox> yea we are still working out the kinks
[17:52] <fatbeeman> is it on my end
[17:52] <pdmattox> no
[17:52] <pdmattox> it is the software
[17:52] <fatbeeman> thank god
[17:52] <pdmattox> we all expereince it
[17:52] <pdmattox> it keeps refreshing
[17:52] <fatbeeman> ok
[17:54] <mick> gday
[17:54] <bud> dallis good at messin up
[17:54] <bud> and hidy
[17:54] <fatbeeman> lets hope not
[17:54] <fatbeeman> hey mick
[17:54] <fatbeeman> from down under?
[17:55] <mick> yes mate
[17:55] User rdy-b enters the room Bee Chat.
[17:55] <bud> sure glad to see you here stayed till my eyes started closin last night
[17:55] <fatbeeman> you do the small cell there
[17:55] <mick> mate I dont know a small cel lfrom a large one, but I spose some people do
[17:55] <fatbeeman> bud I tried to get in chat
[17:56] <bud> yep was talkin with dallis as he was talking with you
[17:56] <fatbeeman> I sure hope I will be some help to ya'all
[17:56] <bud> wish you could get on our voice chat my fingers dont do so good
[17:57] <fatbeeman> mine either
[17:57] <fatbeeman> there too fat
[17:57] <mick> lol
[17:57] <fatbeeman> there too fat for this small key board
[17:58] <bud> yep and see you ant real big (400)
[17:58] <fatbeeman> the java wont load voice on your chat
[17:58] <rdy-b> hay don hows it going
[17:58] <fatbeeman> its going well rdy
[17:58] <mick> i just counted my stings from this morning, 11 all up on the wrists, darn I wanst gunna drink today, well not before sunset lol but ive started 8 hours early.....medicinal reasons of course
[17:59] <rdy-b> ihave a? about foging
[17:59] <fatbeeman> fogging
[17:59] <bud> why wait
[17:59] <rdy-b> dose it get aii over the outside of the hivebodies
[17:59] <rdy-b> dose it stop ants
[18:00] <fatbeeman> no you shoot it in the entrence about 20 seconds
[18:00] <fatbeeman> cinaman for ants
[18:01] <rdy-b> ya but would it stop ants if you tried to keep them oiled
[18:01] <rdy-b> cinamon was not enough
[18:01] <fatbeeman> maybe if you pour it around hives
[18:02] <mick> I aint wasting beer pouring it around the hives Smiley
[18:02] <fatbeeman> if you get russian bees
[18:02] <rdy-b> serious ant controll needed-25 lb sacks-lol
[18:02] <fatbeeman> use vodka
[18:02] <fatbeeman> just jokeing
[18:03] <rdy-b> is that like quinine in cin and tonic
[18:03] <fatbeeman> no
[18:03] <rdy-b> quinine cures all they tell me
[18:03] <fatbeeman> I use it for me
[18:04] <rdy-b> vodka or quinine
[18:04] <fatbeeman> quinne
[18:04] <fatbeeman> for leg cramps
[18:04] <rdy-b> yep cures all then
[18:05] <fatbeeman> for leg cramps
[18:05] <rdy-b> yep cures all then
[18:05] User johnnybigfish enters the room Bee Chat.
[18:05] <fatbeeman> hey johnny
[18:06] <pdmattox> hey johnny
[18:06] <johnnybigfish> Hey guys!
[18:06] <rdy-b> dont have a learners permit for this putter
[18:06] User Moonshae enters the room Bee Chat.
[18:06] <Moonshae> hey
[18:07] <johnnybigfish> Whats the topic guys?
[18:07] <fatbeeman> I thought ya'all would have questions about small cell
[18:07] <fatbeeman> I am no expert
[18:07] <johnnybigfish> Small cell is chinese to me
[18:08] <bud> me too
[18:08] <johnnybigfish> I do good just to look in the hive
[18:08] <fatbeeman> you seen my web page?
[18:08] <johnnybigfish> No, not yet
[18:08] <johnnybigfish> What is it?
[18:08] <fatbeeman>
[18:08] <rdy-b> strictly or do you let them make any natural comb as well
[18:09] <bud> done read it copla times
[18:09] <fatbeeman> guess this chat don't put it up in link
[18:09] <johnnybigfish> I got it written down
[18:09] <fatbeeman> well least we all do organic treatments
[18:10] <rdy-b> did you see the post about smoke
[18:10] <fatbeeman> yes
[18:10] <fatbeeman> about the walnut in smoker
[18:10] <rdy-b> hard to work without smoke
[18:11] <fatbeeman> I do most time
[18:11] <fatbeeman> no viel
[18:11] <fatbeeman> no gloves
[18:11] <johnnybigfish> work without smoke?
[18:11] <fatbeeman> all the time
[18:11] <rdy-b> pulling honey
[18:11] <fatbeeman> rain or shine
[18:11] <johnnybigfish> ME TOO..most the time
[18:12] <fatbeeman> I breed gentle bees
[18:12] <johnnybigfish> Its to hot here for smke and suits
[18:12] <johnnybigfish> I do get stung tho
[18:12] <fatbeeman> hard to catch queens looking thru a viel
[18:12] <rdy-b> so if they are pisey you just stop
[18:13] <johnnybigfish> Teh, and the sweat drips in your eyes faster too
[18:13] <fatbeeman> not if you got a batch of queens comeing off
[18:13] <rdy-b> have to keep schedule
[18:14] <fatbeeman> yes when there ready you might have to put in 100
[18:14] <johnnybigfish> I'm goung to reach my 1 yr. bee anniversary in April so I dont know much about queens and other stuff
[18:14] <fatbeeman> if rainning you still work or loose
[18:14] <rdy-b> rain or shine
[18:15] <fatbeeman> johnny we got to start some where
[18:15] <johnnybigfish> Yep!
[18:15] <fatbeeman> just feel free to ask questions
[18:15] <johnnybigfish> Its funny..I cant seem to think of any right now..just hoping to see someone else ask something
[18:16] <bud> when can I try rasin some queens in central Ms.
[18:16] <bud> got some drones flying outa a coupla hives
[18:17] <fatbeeman> mature ones
[18:17] <bud> dont know
[18:18] <fatbeeman> was they from over wintering
[18:18] <bud> just a little polen not much to speak of
[18:18] <johnnybigfish> I thought the drones were kicked out before winter
[18:18] <bud> yep
[18:18] <fatbeeman> feed pollen sub
[18:18] <fatbeeman> some over winter
[18:18] <bud> been doing that not taking it
[18:19] <fatbeeman> down here they do
[18:19] <fatbeeman> I feed most of yr
[18:19] <johnnybigfish> where are you fatbee?
[18:19] <fatbeeman> ga
[18:19] <johnnybigfish> Ahaaa..drought area huh?
[18:19] <fatbeeman> yeah
[18:19] <fatbeeman> this yr
[18:20] <bud> had drouth 3 yrs
[18:21] <johnnybigfish> WOW...3 years..I didnt know it was that long...I guess the only rason I knew what i do is from starting bees and seeing whats in the forum
[18:21] <bud> last 2 worst
[18:21] <johnnybigfish> we finally got rain the week i got my bees...and it rain through the whole mesuite bloom
[18:22] <fatbeeman> if your not makeing honey its not too bad
[18:22] <johnnybigfish> mesquite
[18:22] <fatbeeman> mostly sell nuc's queens
[18:23] <Moonshae> what would you say a minimum number of hives would be if you want to raise your own queens? Just for yourself, not to sell
[18:23] <fatbeeman> you need to set up a starter box
[18:23] <fatbeeman> you need to set up a starter box
[18:24] <fatbeeman> set in 60 cells
[18:24] User CWBEES enters the room Bee Chat.
[18:24] <fatbeeman> hey cw
[18:24] <bud> didnt have no idea could do that many
[18:24] <CWBEES> hi fbm
[18:24] <fatbeeman> I use a 5 frame box
[18:25] <fatbeeman> no that's what I do
[18:26] <bud> how do you feed it
[18:26] <fatbeeman> hive top
[18:26] <fatbeeman> feeders
[18:27] <johnnybigfish> ok,....I'm not ready to take a queen rearing step yet but I imagine its gonna happen sooner or later
[18:27] <fatbeeman> 60 and hope you get good take
[18:27] <fatbeeman> half the time my post don't send
[18:27] <bud> do i have to do much protecting during grafting
[18:28] <johnnybigfish> I havent seen the queens in my hives since i put them in but i know they're there
[18:28] <fatbeeman> no
[18:28] <bud> temp
[18:28] <fatbeeman> half of what I send is going
[18:28] <rdy-b> yep this pages is boging
[18:28] <fatbeeman> post not all being posted
[18:29] <fatbeeman> you need to mark queens
[18:29] <rdy-b> they are buried at the bottom of page
[18:29] <pdmattox> check to make sure auto scroll
[18:30] <rdy-b> do you clip wings
[18:30] <pdmattox> is on
[18:30] <fatbeeman> its on
[18:30] <bud> best way for marking
[18:30] <johnnybigfish> Yeh, I know....Mine were marked..from navasota...I even had to get another one a few weeks after my packages got to my house
[18:30] <fatbeeman> I don't like to clip
[18:30] <pdmattox> this is a new chat room we are testing
[18:30] <rdy-b> 10 4 auto scroll
[18:30] <pdmattox> lots of bugs to work out
[18:31] <pdmattox> it was the only way for don to text chat
[18:31] <fatbeeman> no tuff questions?
[18:31] <fatbeeman> hope to get on voice
[18:31] <pdmattox> I am not smart enough to ask questions yet Don
[18:31] <bud> that sure would be great
[18:32] <rdy-b> no qunine for ants
[18:32] <pdmattox> I cant wait to hear ya
[18:32] <bud> me either
[18:32] <fatbeeman> only dumb question is one not asked
[18:32] <johnnybigfish> ...
[18:32] <pdmattox> yes sir
[18:32] <pdmattox> very true
[18:32] <fatbeeman> we all here to learn
[18:32] <johnnybigfish> It seems to be working good from where I sit
[18:32] <fatbeeman> including me
[18:32] <pdmattox> yep
[18:33] <pdmattox> me too
[18:33] <bud> just like a biscit I am sopin
[18:33] <fatbeeman> including me
[18:33] <johnnybigfish> Yeh, i might give the voice chjat a try...again...I just got hi-spped, after have 28.8
[18:33] <fatbeeman> we are trying to make us all better beekeepers
[18:35] <johnnybigfish> Do you think i should feed pollen cakes?...I have a lot of honey still in there for them
[18:35] <fatbeeman> how old ya'all are?
[18:35] <johnnybigfish> 50
[18:35] <bud> 60
[18:35] <fatbeeman> yes I feed
[18:35] <rdy-b> how do you fell about excluders
[18:35] <fatbeeman> I am 66
[18:35] <rdy-b> 46
[18:35] <pdmattox> 34 almost 35
[18:35] <fatbeeman> I don't use them
[18:36] <pdmattox> i feel like i am 89
[18:36] <fatbeeman> guess I am the old man huh?
[18:36] <johnnybigfish> not even when catching a swarm? like to block in the new queen?
[18:36] <bud> yess sir
[18:36] <rdy-b> young as you feel
[18:36] <pdmattox> my mentor is 77 and will work circles around 3 of us in the yard
[18:36] <fatbeeman> nah=don't call me sir
[18:37] <johnnybigfish> hey PD,..are you sure thats not my dad?
[18:37] <bud> shucks my folks taught me respect
[18:37] <fatbeeman> I hope to mentor here
[18:37] <pdmattox> I would not have wanted to work with him in his 30's
[18:37] <bud> i an't gona work no way
[18:38] <johnnybigfish> My dads 78 and he can work me to the bone
[18:38] <fatbeeman> older people made tuff
[18:38] <johnnybigfish> yeh, thats fer sure
[18:39] <CWBEES> I am a young 41
[18:39] <johnnybigfish> I started feeling old at about know. weaker and stiffer
[18:39] <bud> hows this
[18:39] <pdmattox> understudy should be here any minute
[18:39] <CWBEES> Feel like I am still 30
[18:39] <fatbeeman> I started to feel old at 35
[18:40] <rdy-b> hit me at 40
[18:40] <fatbeeman> ya'all got any nite you chat?
[18:40] <johnnybigfish> My wife tells me that being married to me is like being married to her little brother...I guess thats a good thing?
[18:40] <rdy-b> but you still run deeps
[18:40] <johnnybigfish> This is the first time I ever saw anybody in the chat room
[18:41] <fatbeeman> we need to change that
[18:41] <bud> every night on ventrillo
[18:41] User beeman enters the room Bee Chat.
[18:41] User beeman enters the room Bee Chat.
[18:41] User beeman leaves the room Bee Chat.
[18:41] <fatbeeman> hey beeman
[18:41] User beemaster enters the room Bee Chat.
[18:41] User beemaster enters the room Bee Chat.
[18:41] <johnnybigfish> hee hee...!
[18:41] <beemaster> Hi all
[18:42] <fatbeeman> hey beemaster
[18:42] <johnnybigfish> Hi !
[18:42] <beemaster> welcome aboard Beeman
[18:42] <johnnybigfish> I type with 2 fingers..just so ya know!
[18:42] <fatbeeman> thanks
[18:43] <fatbeeman> hope to mentor people
[18:43] <fatbeeman> make us all better
[18:43] <rdy-b> he likes vodka
[18:43] <bud> sho wish you were closer to me
[18:44] <rdy-b> for ants that is
[18:44] <johnnybigfish> Oh boy,...(now water comes out of my eyes)
[18:44] <johnnybigfish> hey beema
[18:45] <johnnybigfish> hey fatbeeman...what kind of bees do you have?
[18:45] <fatbeeman> 80% russian
[18:45] User Understudy enters the room Bee Chat.
[18:45] <Understudy> Hmmm
[18:45] <beemaster> I like your attitude Beeman, we all need mentors
[18:45] <fatbeeman> I use ferral lava to graft from
[18:45] <rdy-b> howdy
[18:46] <johnnybigfish> rdb-y....are you grinning>
[18:46] <fatbeeman> to get a gentle bees
[18:46] <rdy-b> yep
[18:46] <fatbeeman> that over winter well too
[18:46] <johnnybigfish> georgia has kind of mild winters doesnt it?
[18:46] <Understudy> The AHB issue in Florida means feral hives are given a bad name
[18:47] <Understudy> No winter here
[18:47] <fatbeeman> most time
[18:47] <beemaster> THERE FOUND MY GLASSES - NOW i CAN SEE Smiley
[18:47] <rdy-b> what about swarming
[18:47] <bud> you mean you take yo lava from wild hives?
[18:47] <fatbeeman> no AHB up in ga.
[18:47] <Understudy> Want some Smiley
[18:47] <fatbeeman> no AHB in ga.
[18:48] <bud> got plenty
[18:48] <fatbeeman> yes graft from wild
[18:48] <bud> ok gotcha
[18:48] <fatbeeman> wild/not treated least 4 yrs
[18:48] <Understudy> How do you deal with small hive beetles?
[18:49] <fatbeeman> I treat
[18:49] <Understudy> What do you treat with?
[18:49] <fatbeeman> boric acid under cardboard
[18:50] <fatbeeman> or plastic
[18:50] <Understudy> On top of the frames?
[18:50] <fatbeeman> or plastic
[18:51] <Understudy> Do you place the cardboard on the top box, on top of the frames?
[18:51] <bud> could you be a little mo detail
[18:51] <fatbeeman> no=in back hive on bottom board
[18:51] <bud> ok
[18:52] <Understudy> Ahhh
[18:52] <rdy-b> wont the bees get to it
[18:52] <fatbeeman> no
[18:52] <fatbeeman> inside cars board
[18:52] <pdmattox> I need this info very bad
[18:52] <fatbeeman> carboard holes
[18:52] <Understudy> Do expose the waffle part of the cardboard
[18:53] <fatbeeman> cut into 3x4 squares
[18:53] <fatbeeman> cover with duck tape
[18:53] <fatbeeman> cover with duck tape
[18:53] <fatbeeman> keeps bees out
[18:54] <fatbeeman> its organic
[18:54] <Understudy> A silly question, how do you place the duct tape on the cardboard?
[18:54] <fatbeeman> no chem's
[18:54] <fatbeeman> on top
[18:54] <fatbeeman> holes on side
[18:54] <Understudy> So you tape it to the bottom board?
[18:55] <fatbeeman> shb's climbn in holes
[18:55] <fatbeeman> I staple it
[18:55] <fatbeeman> tape is for bees not chew carboard
[18:55] <Understudy> Ahhhh
[18:55] <fatbeeman> tape is for bees not to chew it
[18:55] <Understudy> So you cut the duct tape to match the 3x4 cardboard
[18:56] <fatbeeman> yes
[18:56] <Understudy> How long do you leave it in for
[18:56] <fatbeeman> fill only 1/2 full
[18:56] <fatbeeman> fill 1/2 full
[18:56] <fatbeeman> leave 3-6 months
[18:57] <bud> do you seal one side
[18:57] <fatbeeman> change then
[18:57] <fatbeeman> only one side
[18:57] <rdy-b> can you mix the boric with diatinashos earth
[18:57] <bud> of the holes
[18:57] <fatbeeman> no
[18:57] <fatbeeman> no need to
[18:57] <rdy-b> ok
[18:58] <Understudy> fatbeeman, one trap per hive?
[18:58] <fatbeeman> boric acid kills roaches and shb's
[18:58] <Understudy> Yes it does
[18:58] <fatbeeman> 1 to hive
[18:58] <Understudy> Excellent
[18:59] <rdy-b> what do you think about pf120
[18:59] <fatbeeman> I am a wood and wax man
[18:59] <johnnybigfish> Speaking of Diatomaceous earth,...wont that grind up the bees? it does fly legs and fleas?
[18:59] <fatbeeman> make my own wax
[19:00] <fatbeeman> johny use on ground
[19:00] <fatbeeman> around hives
[19:00] <rdy-b> pepole needto start some place
[19:00] <johnnybigfish> Ohhh,..ok
[19:00] <fatbeeman> kills larva
[19:00] <Understudy> fatbeeman how do you treat for nosema?
[19:01] <fatbeeman> milky spores too
[19:01] <fatbeeman> I use tee tree oil
[19:01] <johnnybigfish> Good stuff
[19:01] <Understudy> tree oil for nosema?
[19:01] <rdy-b> tee tree
[19:01] <fatbeeman> good for chalk brood too
[19:01] <Understudy> How do you apply it to the hive?
[19:01] <bud> how used
[19:02] <fatbeeman> tea tree
[19:02] <bud> yes
[19:02] <rdy-b> ok
[19:02] <fatbeeman> I mix with sugar syruip
[19:02] <Understudy> and they consume it?
[19:02] <fatbeeman> you need to smulsify first
[19:02] <fatbeeman> or it seperates
[19:02] <Understudy> ahhh
[19:03] <fatbeeman> 10-20 drops to gal
[19:03] <johnnybigfish> you get tea tree from the internet?
[19:03] <fatbeeman> bee culture done a artical on me
[19:03] <rdy-b> how imulsify
[19:04] <fatbeeman> its all organic
[19:04] <fatbeeman> use wifes blender
[19:04] <Understudy> fatbeeman What is the age of your oldest hive?
[19:04] <fatbeeman> run low speed for least 5 min.
[19:04] <fatbeeman> my old hives most 5-6 yrs
[19:05] <fatbeeman> boxes least 25-30 yrs
[19:05] <johnnybigfish> do you paint?
[19:05] <fatbeeman> yes I paint
[19:05] <fatbeeman> all diff colors
[19:06] <johnnybigfish> me too,..white, brown, and yellow
[19:06] <fatbeeman> what ever get cheap
[19:06] <rdy-b> are your yards isolated
[19:07] <fatbeeman> no
[19:07] <fatbeeman> keep most here
[19:07] <Understudy> fatbeeman, what are the tell tale signs that a hive is getting ready to swarm?
[19:07] <rdy-b> so theres mite presure from outside
[19:07] <fatbeeman> drawing lot of drone cells
[19:07] <Understudy> beemaster, Is there going to be a log of this afterward?
[19:08] <fatbeeman> will it be used against me?Huh
[19:08] <Understudy> Never Smiley
[19:09] <Understudy> It will be used as reference becasue I am old and senile
[19:09] <fatbeeman> lol
[19:09] <johnnybigfish> But you're still smart! Smart and senile!
[19:09] <Understudy> You mentioned using walnut shells in smoker? Why?
[19:09] <rdy-b> did you see the test from HAS
[19:09] <fatbeeman> no=shaveings
[19:10] <fatbeeman> oils from walnut kills mites
[19:10] <Understudy> fatbeeman, you must eat a lot of walnuts
[19:10] <fatbeeman> do a mite count
[19:10] <johnnybigfish> Yeh, LOTS
[19:10] <fatbeeman> before and after
[19:11] <fatbeeman> has?
[19:11] <johnnybigfish> (Im afraid to ask...)
[19:11] <Understudy> HAS was a beekeeping convention I believe, Dee Lunsby and Michael Bush attended
[19:11] <fatbeeman> oh
[19:12] <pdmattox> understudy call me
[19:12] <fatbeeman> Dee and I are friends
[19:12] <beemaster> not sure about the whole ARCHIVE with this program - you might have to cut and paste
[19:12] <Understudy> she is a great lady
[19:12] <fatbeeman> Dee and I are friends
[19:13] <fatbeeman> only part of my typeing on the scroll
[19:13] <rdy-b> they spoke of a SC test they ran wondered if you saw it
[19:13] <fatbeeman> no
[19:14] <fatbeeman> I been doing s/c since 1993
[19:14] <johnnybigfish> I gotta go now you guys..My wife says if i wanna eat i getter git moving..This has been fun..see you guys later!
[19:14] <fatbeeman> I do research here too
[19:14] <fatbeeman> nite john
[19:14] <rdy-b> sooner or later im sure -right on
[19:14] <Understudy> fatbeeman, how did you get into beekeeping
[19:14] <fatbeeman> oh=50 plus yrs ago
[19:14] <johnnybigfish> thanks for all the info....
[19:15] <Understudy> family business?
[19:15] User johnnybigfish leaves the room Bee Chat.
[19:15] <fatbeeman> old man started me
[19:15] <fatbeeman> your welcome
[19:15] <rdy-b> latter jony
[19:15] <Understudy> So how many generations of beekeeping in your family?
[19:16] <rdy-b> at what stage did you come to SC
[19:16] <fatbeeman> just me
[19:16] <Understudy> ahhh
[19:16] <fatbeeman> after looseing bee went to s/c
[19:16] <Understudy> What would you like to see change with the beekeeping industry?
[19:16] <fatbeeman> I loose no more 1-2 %
[19:16] <rdy-b> ya but how many year ago
[19:17] <fatbeeman> chem free
[19:17] <Understudy> Did you have any CCD issues?
[19:17] <fatbeeman> chem free
[19:17] <fatbeeman> last yr 2 %
[19:17] <fatbeeman> no CCD
[19:17] <fatbeeman> noCCD
[19:18] <Understudy> What do you think is the possible cause of CCD?
[19:18] <rdy-b> do you think location is key to sucsess
[19:18] <fatbeeman> CCD mostly with pollenators
[19:18] <fatbeeman> key tomine/hard work
[19:19] <rdy-b> yes
[19:19] <fatbeeman> anyone can make bees
[19:19] <fatbeeman> keeping them is hard
[19:19] <bud> only thing i am alergic to is work
[19:19] <Understudy> bud, heeh
[19:19] <Understudy> hehe
[19:19] <rdy-b> many levels of sucses
[19:20] <fatbeeman> I am full time beekeeper
[19:20] <Understudy> fatbeeman, what are the most common mistakes begineers make?
[19:20] <fatbeeman> no work no eat
[19:20] <rdy-b> yep
[19:20] <bud> naa gov check fo us lazy suckers
[19:21] <rdy-b> i bet you eat good
[19:21] <fatbeeman> some time
[19:21] <bud> you bet
[19:21] <Understudy> if he didn't it would be skinnybeeman?
[19:21] <fatbeeman> bees eat better
[19:21] <Understudy> Smiley
[19:21] <rdy-b> its just around corner
[19:21] <fatbeeman> buying sugar
[19:22] <rdy-b> i like drivert
[19:22] <rdy-b> 8% invert
[19:22] <Understudy> buying sugar is a mistake?
[19:22] <pdmattox> i been feeding for two weeks
[19:22] <fatbeeman> why?
[19:23] <pdmattox> 25 nucs being made tomarrow
[19:23] <fatbeeman> I have to feed
[19:23] <pdmattox> me too
[19:23] <bud> got me a grocery saves me all the damaged
[19:23] <pdmattox> build up for orange and pollination
[19:23] <Understudy> fatbeeman, what are the most common mistakes begineers make?
[19:23] <fatbeeman> I use barrels
[19:23] <pdmattox> i have a poly tank
[19:23] <fatbeeman> trying to get too big
[19:23] <pdmattox> love it
[19:23] <fatbeeman> too quick
[19:24] <Understudy> ahh
[19:24] <pdmattox> hope not
[19:24] <bud> mee to
[19:24] <pdmattox> i been told that before though
[19:24] <rdy-b> coming in front door ends up in for brood is a good thing
[19:24] <Understudy> pdmattox Smiley
[19:24] <fatbeeman> run what you can handle
[19:24] <pdmattox> lots of pollen coming in for 3 weeks solid
[19:25] <fatbeeman> mattox got any orange honey?
[19:25] <pdmattox> got more yards than bees right now
[19:25] <Understudy> What do you insulate your hives with in winter?
[19:25] <pdmattox> I think i still have several gallons
[19:25] <fatbeeman> in ga>?
[19:25] <Understudy> mild winter ? No need for insulation?
[19:25] <fatbeeman> need good orange honey
[19:26] <fatbeeman> I used to keep bees in fla
[19:26] <pdmattox> I'll see what i can do
[19:26] <pdmattox> where at
[19:26] <fatbeeman> used to keep in fla
[19:26] <fatbeeman> leesburg
[19:26] <fatbeeman> area
[19:26] <pdmattox> ahh
[19:26] <Understudy> Been there.
[19:26] <fatbeeman> 25 yrs ago
[19:26] <pdmattox> my main area is dade city
[19:27] <pdmattox> got a 3 yards in ortona near the old faimly place that i never have put the bees on
[19:27] <fatbeeman> I hope to start splitting soon
[19:27] <Understudy> fatbeeman, Have you ever raised Buckfast bees?
[19:28] <fatbeeman> no buck fast they get too hot
[19:28] <rdy-b> what you going to polinat
[19:28] <fatbeeman> mostly russian
[19:28] <Understudy> Why Russians?
[19:28] <fatbeeman> they don't die
[19:29] <pdmattox> squash and melons
[19:29] <Understudy> Good reason
[19:29] <fatbeeman> eat 1/4 as much as itilians
[19:29] <pdmattox> very good reason
[19:29] <bud> you graft from ferrels, do you use russian drones
[19:29] <rdy-b> omg pesticide
[19:29] <bud> ?
[19:29] <fatbeeman> yes
[19:29] <Understudy> You have russian ferals in your area?
[19:29] <fatbeeman> russian some NWC's
[19:30] <rdy-b> what about yugo
[19:30] <fatbeeman> no I cross with my russian drones
[19:30] <fatbeeman> no yugo's
[19:30] <rdy-b> how come
[19:30] <Understudy> hey pdmattox trade orange blossom honey for some of Don's queens Smiley
[19:31] <pdmattox> Smiley Smiley
[19:31] <fatbeeman> I breed from russian
[19:31] <bud> yep dallis says you already sold out
[19:31] <fatbeeman> I sell all over USA
[19:31] <pdmattox> Smiley
[19:31] <bud> yep
[19:32] <fatbeeman> when your bees stay alive up north you got something
[19:32] <Understudy> pdmattox a russian AHB cross. A bee that loves warm weather and eats next to nothing? And asks for your papers commrade.
[19:32] <rdy-b> whats your time frame on orders
[19:32] <pdmattox> lol
[19:33] <fatbeeman> I start to ship late mar.
[19:33] <pdmattox> the perfect bee
[19:33] <fatbeeman> depends
[19:33] <rdy-b> are you booked
[19:33] <fatbeeman> for queens or nuc's?
[19:33] <rdy-b> queens
[19:33] <Understudy> fatbeeman, How many boxes do you use for brood?
[19:33] <fatbeeman> when you need?
[19:34] <rdy-b> april
[19:34] <fatbeeman> you mean full hives?
[19:34] <Understudy> Yes
[19:34] <fatbeeman> you could get in april weather permiting
[19:34] <rdy-b> ok
[19:34] <fatbeeman> I keep 200+
[19:34] <rdy-b> 30
[19:35] <Understudy> fatbeeman, How many boxes do you use for brood?
[19:35] <fatbeeman> 250 5 frame nuc's in my front yard
[19:35] <fatbeeman> single story
[19:35] <Understudy> fatbeeman, Do you use excluders?
[19:36] <fatbeeman> I pull frames weekly
[19:36] <fatbeeman> no excluders
[19:36] <Understudy> How do you deal with brood at the top of the hive?
[19:36] <pdmattox> do you stack another box on top of the nucs when growing them out or just transfer them to another box?
[19:37] <fatbeeman> transfer
[19:37] <fatbeeman> transfer
[19:37] <fatbeeman> then put in a cell
[19:38] <Understudy> fatbeeman, How do you deal with brood in the top of the hive?
[19:40] <fatbeeman> why do you use excluders?
[19:40] <Understudy> I don't use them
[19:40] <rdy-b> saves work
[19:40] <fatbeeman> it slows down brood
[19:40] <fatbeeman> wears out wings too
[19:41] <rdy-b> need more hives then
[19:41] <fatbeeman> I run ross rounds with out x cluders
[19:41] <Understudy> Wow
[19:41] <rdy-b> i go for honey have no time -very hot work
[19:41] <rdy-b> 7-11
[19:42] <Understudy> the 7/11 comb is interesting.
[19:42] <rdy-b> forgot you make your own
[19:42] <bud> sho thank you gona go to bed
[19:42] <fatbeeman> yw
[19:42] User bud leaves the room Bee Chat.
[19:43] <rdy-b> seeya bud
[19:43] <pdmattox> night bud
[19:43] <Understudy> Night bud
[19:43] <fatbeeman> time for me bed time
[19:43] <Understudy> Don thank you
[19:43] <fatbeeman> will return
[19:43] <fatbeeman> cya
[19:43] <rdy-b> nice chating
[19:43] <Understudy> This was awesome
[19:43] <pdmattox> thank you
[19:43] <pdmattox> had a good one
[19:43] <fatbeeman> send e mail when want to chat
[19:44] <pdmattox> we need to post it
[19:44] <Understudy> fatbeeman, email hell, I am moving in. Smiley
[19:44] <fatbeeman> k
[19:44] <fatbeeman> lol
[19:44] <pdmattox> lol
[19:44] User fatbeeman leaves the room Bee Chat.
[19:44] <pdmattox> i'mm with ya
[19:44] <Understudy> Okay I will copy paste what I have

The status is not quo. The world is a mess and I just need to rule it. Dr. Horrible
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Thanks to pdmattox and Robo for making this happen and suppling me with the earlier chat section.



The status is not quo. The world is a mess and I just need to rule it. Dr. Horrible
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